Chapter 4, Section 8
Tajrid & Tafrid   

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Tajrid means forsaking desires, ambitions and aspirations for the worldly life/gain on the surface and denial deep within. Therefore true Mojar-rad (The one in the state of Tajrid) is the person who does not seek a return upon his Tajrid because he solely seeks the closeness to Divine presence for recompense. Whoever on the surface forsakes the world whereas still yearns within, wishes a return in this world or the one after, indeed is not a true Mojar-rad and likened to a merchant inclined for trade. If true Mojar-rad in heart then in all righteous and worship rites he solely performed to pay reverential homage to the Lord, to exalt and deify and for no other intention or gain. (Not thinking or conscious of any possibility of rewards)
On the other hand Tafrid is to deny the Self any credit for one’s actions, in absence of perceiving the Self, analyzes (his actions) as Lord’s bestowal of blessings and benevolence upon himself:
What guidance you possess O! Dervish
It's the endowment of the Lord and not yours
Know the heart’s prostrations are from IT
Like the existence of the cloud from the sun
(Source Hadiqah by Sanāî)
Therefore truly Tafrid is the cause for Tajrid, forsaking the desire for a return. Since anytime Tafrid succeeds, he sees his righteousness as a blessing from the Lord not due to any of his own actions and expects (justifies) no returns or rewards. Therefore sees his being drowned within the Divine benevolence. However the reverse is not true, since one may be in the state of Tajrid but fails to see his righteous rites are from the Lord and may attribute them to his Self, in spite of the fact he awaits for no rewards.

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