Hakim Abul-Majed Bin Adam a.k.a Sanaa-ee was born around 1050 in Qaznin from a noble pious family.

He started his career as a young poet writing praises for the local governors seeking the pleasures of this world.

However as time passed by he turned away from this practice and became a recluse mostly staying at home and it was during this period when he introduced the Sufism to poetry. Prior to his inventions of mystic poetry Abu-Saeed Abul-Khair had produced some measure of mystic poetry but mostly around the sensuous and romantic aspects not around the secrets and thoughts of Sufism.

Sanaa-ee introduced a poetic concept to narrate a simple concept or observation via lofty language, which had innovative syntax and semantics to make the ordinary extraordinary in the eyes of the readers. By means of this mystification a concept was conveyed to masses.

Sanaa-ee’s style roams around simple and daily affairs of humanity. But the language and the presentation of the words make a simple affair into an urgent luxury of sounds and expressions to convey the seriousness of the affair, in spite of public renouncing of its importance.

This was a natural extension of the endowment of wealth and prosperity that gripped the Islamic Empire at its heart, drowning it deeper and deeper into materialism and pomp. Sufis saw this trend going against the teachings of beloved Prophet of Allah Mohammad.

At this we stand to announce Sanaa-ee as the founding father of Sufi mystic poetry. We also selected the portraits of the scientists as the artworks for the pages to indicate the genius and rebellious innovation. In particular we celebrate the brilliance of Ms. Hodgkin the un-attributed discoverer of DNA molecular structure.



Horrors of Love   



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