Lesson 21
A Face Within Everything!

The lover ought to communicate with the Beloved without any ulterior motives, removing the personal desires and solely focusing upon Its want. Indeed seeking (anything) is an obstacle upon Its path since the object of desire, once found after being sought, is worth as much as the endurance and measure of the seeker [1]. Therefore, all together the true lover forsakes all seeking (of things he yearns for) and busies with the wants of the Beloved. And no matter what transpires in the universe, lover perceives all (outcomes) as the wants of the Beloved, thus relieved and left in unchanging bliss and happiness:
Unless forsaken your desires one hundred times
The object of your want accosts not even once [2]
And if the incident is undesirable, whilst repelling and changing, the lover as much as he can, he shall exert tremendous effort to change the results. However that (unacceptable) result is what Beloved wants. If the lover is Mokashef (Discoverer of Secrets) [3] clearly views the face of the Beloved in every object and every situation. Even in undesirable events still beholds Its face i.e. Beloved gives not Redha (Consent) (and the outcome of the events suffers) or in other words seeing Its face within undesirable events means Beloved refuses Redha (Assent), “It liketh not ingratitude from Its servants” Koran[39:7]. The lover who views the Beloved for true and sees It within the entire universe, in constant denial of reprehensible, with certainty for Its rights and acknowledgement stands firm upon the truth: Whatsoever in Shariah (Divine Law) is forbidden within that prohibition beholds the face of the Beloved, doubtless not only (lover) avoids them but also within lover’s nature no yearning for them remains.
In all this there may be an intellectual difficulty: If the lover is inescapably subject to Tajalli (Patent Divine Manifestation) and the Tajalli (Manifestation) of all objects a part of Its Tajalli, then how can the lover ever repel or avoid any Tajalli (Manifestation)? (In case of the forbidden items in Shariah) [4] We (The Sufis) respond, Indeed Tajalli (Patent Divine Manifestation) is of two kinds:
  1. Tajalli (Manifestation) of Its Zhaat (Divine Essence)
  2. Tajalli of Its Asmaa & Sifaat (Divine Names & Attributes)
Therefore the Tajalli (Manifestation) of Qahar (Subjugation & Vanquish) is repelled by the Tajalli (Manifestation) of the Lotf (Divine Grace & Complaisance). In each violation of Shariah (Divine Law), traces of Qahar (Subjugation & Vanquish) and Jalal (Sublimity & Greatness) found, and in each Redha (Divine Assent & Consent) traces of Lotf (Divine Grace & Complaisance) and Divine Beauty found. And here he (The Prophet) says, “Seeking sanctuary within Your Redha (Divine Assent & Consent) from Your Sakhat (Displeasure)” and in Tajalli (Manifestation) of Zhaat (Divine Essence) he says, “Seeking sanctuary with You from Yourself[5]:
If I escape not from You to Yourself, what else can I do?
Seeking refuge to whom? Demanding justice from whom?
[1] No matter what you seek and yearn for, and no matter what you are able to grab hold of, all are proportional to your abilities. In other words, that which you wish is finite and perhaps quite little in the scale of hopes. This is the fate of the lover that loves other than our Beloved Creator. But if you only sought after this Divine Beloved and yearned not for anything else, all wants a human being desires shall come to you in boundless pleasures.
[2] If you love someone or something, if you run after that desire you shall get a compromised short-lived version. However, if you did not seek your desire but ran after your Beloved, with the Royal Highness you shall find the object of your desire everlasting surviving the existence in this world to eternal hereafter.
[3] Mokashef means the discoverer of the secrets. According to Ansaari that uncovering is when the person is awake and conscious. For his write up on the matter please click here.
[4] If all events are the manifestations of the Beloved Creator, then how can we avoid mistakes and how can we escape from the sins of the lusts? And do we deserve punishment when that which we are responsible for is caused by the Its manifestation anyhow? 
[5] Koran [6:12]:
Say (Mohammad): "To whom belongeth all that is in the heavens and on earth?" Say: "To Allah. It hath inscribed for Itself (the rule of) Mercy.”
Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him taught us to run away from the Sifat (Attributes) of subjugation and anger and find refugee with the sanctuary of Sifaat of Allah’s Zhaat (Divine Essence) e.g. Mercy, Generosity, Grace, Beauty and etc.


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