The Bedouin

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Note: ‘you’ with lowercase ‘y’ is a human-you, someone mortal you loved, and ‘You’ with uppercase ‘Y’ signifies Allah. ‘Hu’ is third person absent pronoun as in IT/He. In Farsi Sufi poems these pronouns are mixed to either confuse the casual reader or the sharp minds would sieve the cognizance.

I forced the dagger of ‘I love you’ into my heart and perhaps
                                                              I was loving You
And when your beauty drown the dolphins of my eyes, as if
                                                              I was adoring You

When my heart shattered and midst the fluorescent shards [1]
Was it you my runny eyes were missing? Or perhaps
                                                              I was missing You

So I thought I live forever and remains everything as same
Within the dungeons of amnesia, I lied to you? Or lies [2]
                                                              I was telling You

A blind bedouin, lantern at hand seeking the sun of my love [3]
Ahoy Dara! Do you know who loves you? Or in this desert
                                                              Hu is loving you!

[1] ‘Fluorescent’ is a code-word referring to the attribute of Divine Nearness where that place or that thing becomes effulgent! When your heart is broken you are the closest to Allah whereby your heart lucent, shining upon the humanity, except you have no clue.

[2] Amnesia is a code-word for lack of Dhikr (Remembrance), when the Sufi forgets Allah s/he is imprisoned into a dungeon as in dungeons of amnesia. 

[3] ‘Looking for sun with a lantern’ is a Sufi metaphor describing how Mankind is silly seeking Allah, Hu is most patent in our present and in our presence and yet as if we are foolishly looking for a sun by means of a lantern in a scorching desert day!

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda