Fihe Mā Fih    

Appendix: Section 1

Kamāl (Perfection)

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Demanding the Kamāl (Perfection) is desiring other than IT! And constantly inclined towards attaining the Kamāl (Perfection) for one’s Self, gains nothing but (spiritual) diminution & deficiency. Allah’s Kamāl (Perfection) is the transcendence & completion for all beingness and allowing any deprivation of ITs Kamāl (Perfection) results in disruption in governance of the universe and obsoleteness of the world or allowing for the absence of Allah the abolishment & inactivity of the universe is ensued. Therefore if you conceptualize Allah and seeking the bounds of ITs nature all (spiritual) benefits would leave you. In other words (only) conceptualize the notions about the actions of Allah [1]. When you attempt to imagine concepts about Allah you can not understand why no (spiritual) benefits come your way!? And no matter what you imagine, that concept is not Allah.

In conclusion, fall in love with IT and seek IT but forsake all conceptualization about ITs (illimitable) limits and (indescribable) nature, do avoid all these in ITs presence so that you may be able to attain the Kamāl (Perfection).


You wonder why so far you have not attained any Kamāl (Perfection)? You read the books and did the Dhikrs (Remembrances) and worships and still you are no further than when you started! What you proposed by attempting to assign the Kamāl (Perfection) to your Self is equivalent to reducing ITs Kamāl (Perfection) in the universe. Yes! The Kamāl (Perfection) is endowed and not achieved and ITs Divine Benevolence has already granted every particle, every moment of time, every creature and every human being their portion of the Kamāl (Perfection).

Fool your Self not! You control nothing of ITs Divine Munificence. What went wrong? When you tried to understand IT by controlling and limiting IT e.g. reading this book or doing that chant or performing that nightly prayer I SHOULD reach the Kamāl (Perfection). This is when you tried to understand and imagine how IT bestows blessings. This is when you attempted to intervene in the fashion IT is and attempted to limit IT by exerting control upon ITs Kamāl (Perfection).

How about this: STOP & HALT this very moment imagining controls & bounds placed upon IT. STOP & HALT and the Kamāl (Perfection) may suddenly flood the gates of your arrogant Self. Look at the animation, one cell nucleus in your body in a single moment of time; can you imagine all your cells during your lifetime? No? Then STOP & HALT conceptualizing IT.

[1] IT has allowed to be understood, somewhat, by ITs actions and some of ITs Divine Attributes e.g. you can understand the operations taking place on this planet, the biology within yourself. Indeed these are the things IT does. You may also understand Mercy or Kamāl (Perfection), these are ITs Attributes allowed for you to discern and comprehend, again to some degree. But you cannot discern or comprehend WHAT IT IS? Or imagine or conceptualize IT. If you attempt doing the latter the Kamāl (Perfection) vanishes and you are left all to your Self.

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