Weeping  Candle  

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A burning candle braving the odious gusts of destiny
                                                            Weeping I am  
A mother giving birth to her own miserable life
                                                            Laboring I am  

Ashes of my Self’s calf dusted upon the insidious Nile
A Moses running from his own Self’s Pharaoh [1]
                                                            Escaping I am  

The eastern breeze kissing the dews of Remembrance 
A tear running down the face of the Prophet  [2]
                                                            Bedewing I am  

Dara be that moth circling the candle of Evanescence
A dolphin swimming the flames of Divine Love  [3]
                                                            Diving I am  

When 'I' took the picture of Chrisna, the flash of camera captured not the picture of a handicap Haitian young lady but the snapshot of my own darkness. And when looking upon this darkling mirror, no longer can see ‘I’ but behold a thirsty vortex thirsting for Divine Light, the very light that would be his sudden and inevitable death:

Without You forever buoy in darkness ‘I’ shall be
And thanks to Your sudden flash gone ‘I’ shall be

[1] Moses burnt the false-deity Jews made from the booties of the Pharaoh and sprinkled the ashes upon the Nile. Nile is the code word here for the deceptive life of this world.

[2] ‘Eastern Breeze’ is from the east of the Creation where the sun of being-ness has risen.

[3] ‘Moth circling the candle’ is a Farsi Sufi code-word for the slave who loves Allah but can never reach IT/HIM unless by throwing his or her own Self into the fire!

© 2005-2002,  Dara O.  Shayda