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Your being without you 

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Know that you are veiled by your own self, and you can never Wasl (Reach) Hu (IT) while being you, however you can Wasl (Reach) Hu (IT) by means of Hu (IT). When Hu (IT) rendered for you the vision of Wasl (Reaching) for Hu (IT), called upon you to seek Hu (IT) therefore you sought after Hu (IT). (No matter what vision of God and spirituality you have, you were invited to Seek Hu (IT). Had this invitation not been issued, Mankind would not have ever had any form of religion or spirituality)

You used to have a vision for Seeking: A vision of seeking after and striving for grasping something that you willed which (the target) was not Hu (IT), within your seeking—You were veiled. Until the Iftiqār (Deliberate Poverty) was resumed within your seeking since your foundation and pillar are upon intense seeking: Fulfilling the requirements of what you chose in your seeking, upholding the prerequisites necessitated during the seeking, the care for the sudden responsibilities you assumed under the auspices of the seeking, a febrile fever for you.

The advent of the Iftiqār (Deliberate Poverty)—taking you from your Fanā (Evanescence) to your Baqā (Everlastingness), delivering your Wasl (Reaching) to the object of your desire i.e. Hu (IT), subsisting upon Hus (ITs) Baqā (Everlastingness). And the latter is the Tauhid (Divine Oneness) of the Muwahhid (Professor of Divine Oneness) i.e. subsisting upon the Baqā (Everlastingness) of Al-Wāhid (The One & Only Deity, Hu (IT)).

The utter destruction of Muwahhid (Professor of Divine Oneness) occurs the day “you are ‘you’”, and when “you are without ‘you’” is when you are subsisting upon ‘how’ you accomplished Fanā (Evanesce).

There are three types of Fanā (Evanesce):

1.    Evanescence from the attributes, dispositions and innate nature of human being, relying upon your own actions by striving and opposing your Nafs (Psyche) imprisoning him within what he hates away from his desires.
2.    Evanescence from the rising of the (self-congratulatory) pleasures due to righteous deeds or worships and whilst you exert effort not to allow anything be between you and Hu (IT). (Feelings of self-worth and aspiration are indeed veils blocking the Divine Light)
3.    Evanescence from your vision of Haqiqa (Truth, Absolute Reality) within your existence by the overwhelming witness & presence of the Al-Haqq (Divine Truth, Absolute Reality, Hu (IT)), for this moment you are Fān (Evanesced) & Bāq (Everlasting), an evanescent existence beyond any doubt, an existence by subsisting upon other than you… (This is the stage of Fanā (Evanesce) wherein nothing of your doing or planning exists or matters whatsoever, indeed Hus (ITs) eye staring at you is all that is important.)



The loftiest rank for a Sufi is when Hu (IT) glances upon him, when he and all that comes along with his existence matter not. The more the Divine Glance is upon him the more he fades away, like a beautiful ice-sculpture placed under the direct sunlight in a desert.

A falling leaf is the transition of a tree in its verdant acme of beauty and the moment when no one thought more beauty was possible the Divine Glance detached the leaf away: in its fall the beauty of the atmosphere and the Divine Design of the leaf rendered, in its landing upon the ground and sweeping away by the winds the Divine Force of the gravity rendered and when it withers and darkens returning into its original dust form, the Divine Beauty of the biochemical processes of the nature rendered.

Be Dervish a leaf under the observant glance of the Divine Eye but be not a man veiled by your own Self. Lament the sorrows of this life but not be veiled by the self-congratulatory jubilee of your worships.

Look upon this fallen leaf, which you desire to be? A mere leaf under the watchful Divine Eye or a man looked down upon by other men?

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda