Junaid’s Writings
Characteristics of Muwahhid (Witness of Divine Oneness

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Know that people are of three types (in three stages):

1.    Tālibun Qāsid (The Direct Seeker): The Seeker of Allah Almighty according to Hus (ITs) ways, guided by the Zāhir (Visible Surface) knowledge (Religious practices and general external actions and deeds), dealing with Allah by striving against the Zāhir (Visible Surface) i.e. through physical actions.
2.    Wāridun Wāqif (Upright Newcomer): The newcomer entering through a door upright in front him showing a patent way towards Hus (ITs) Qurb (Nearness), guided by purification of his Bātin (Interior) thus pouring benefits upon him abundantly, dealing with Allah within his Bātin (Interior).
3.    Dākhilun Qāim (Unflinching Incomer): He is entering deligently, unflinching in Hus (ITs) Presence, 'seeing' none other than Hu (IT), observing eagerly for any hint from Hu (IT) towards him, immediately undertaking whatsoever his Divine Master orders.

Item 3 is the characteristic of the Muwahhid (Witness of Divine Oneness) for Allah Almighty.



The Murid (Seeker) may embark upon a journey to take part in physical actions, a medium, that would guide him directly towards the Divine Oneness e.g. Dhikr (Divine Remembrance) worships charity and so on. Or he is at the doorstep of Divine Qurb (Nearness) where his interior bathed with Divine Purification e.g. ridding his Self from foul speech thoughts and intentions.
And ultimately he may be an eye, a Divinely Perfected eye staring at his/her Divine Beloved, pining for any sign of Hus (ITs) Presence, not to muse and think, but to do as That Beloved requires. Not as a human being, not as an existence even, but as an eye, an eye that is a longing lover glimpsing hungrily upon any ray of his/her Beloved. There is no thought here, there is no action here, a man turned into an eye biologically psychologically and spiritually. Just like the human eye, though made from the same nerves as the brain, it thinks not, indeed in this state he is incapable of anything other than viewing the Divine Light of That Beautiful Beloved.

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