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Fluttering the wing of gratitude against the wing of patience
Humming incessantly the soundless chants of  [1]
                                                           Your Remembrance

Sipping thirstily the blooming nectar of the Divine Love
Wafting time-less space-less in atmosphere of
                                                           Your Presence

Dusted by the fluorescent pollen from time immemorial
Whilst the lost drummer of my heart beats in
                                                           Your Absence

Dara be that hummingbird in need of no one and nothing
Thus nest within the search-less branches of
                                                           Your Evanescence 

[1] "Faith has two halves: one half Shukr (Gratitude) and one half Patience", Prophetic Narration. 

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda