The Nest

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Upon the summit of love timeless [1]
When ‘Ishq loves resistless

Beyond the reach of any perfection [2]
Where ‘Ishq reigns searchless

‘I’ am no longer and yet a green petrel [3]
Wafting above the sea of Oneness

Words are no longer and yet the suffering
The gales gliding the wings soundless

Build! My Beloved a lofty nest for I
Now and forever living nameless

Harbored no longer in any hearts
Now and forever dying loveless

A nest made from Your eternal love
Subsisting upon Love moveless

A nest made from the thorns of loss
Ever-living upon Loving boundless


Know my dearest love—May Allah provide you and bless you with the perfection of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love)—for That Beloved Deity, The Glorious The Sublime, His Time Immemorial Innate Essence, Beginning-less Sempiternal and Endless Eternal, has been characterized by an Infinitely Ancient Divine Attribute, from amongst the ensemble of many attributes, namely the attribute of ‘Ishq.

His Divine Selfsame in love with His own Divine Selfsame. Therefore:

The Love, the Lover and the Beloved are all One and all the same Divine Selfsame.

The cosmos painted by a Singleton Dye i.e. that of the Divine Attribute of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) and He is sanctified free and away from Transience of Temporal-ness. (Ishq not subject to nascence or transience of the space-time of this world and not subject to the laws of manifest universe.)

‘Ishq is the Perfection of Divine Love and yet Love is the Divine Attribute of the Haqq (The Absolute & True Reality, Allah).

Do not be confused by the nomenclature, that indeed Ishq and Divine Love are one and the same.

Divine Attribute is from Him and again subsisting upon the Divine Essence is for Him. (Love is an Attribute while ‘Ishq is complete loss of all things and entirely subsisting/loving upon/for Allah)

There is no variance for Him: Not that He is in love with Himself but that He is infinitely in love with Himself. (Once something has the amplitude of infinity is no longer subject to the increase or decrease of bound numbers.)

For Him there are no temporal and transient variations. (If you feel a love that has limits then you do not have ‘Ishq from Him)

Come to know the Divine Love of Him that for certain this Divine Knowledge (loving) is that of Him: Ceases not to love His own Self by Himself, same as He ceases not knowing about Himself and (ceases not) beholding Himself by His own Self. (Prophetic Narration)

Know that His Divine Oneness is indivisible… (Therefore the Love, the Lover and the Beloved are indivisible all one and the same selfsame…)

Excerpt from The Lovers’ Daffodil by Sheikh Roozbehān Baqli Shirazi chapter 28

And my love! Keep in mind:

Surely every beloved ought to have a lover save
                                                   That Beloved
And when I said, “I love you” I loved other than
                                                   That Beloved
Soon none remains save the love of the Beloved for
                                                   That Beloved


[1] According to Junaid Baghdadi the Arabic word ‘Ishq means the summit or the highest point of a place i.e. a love may start from this world but may be raised aloft the summit of the mountain of love and that unrestrained sublime love is called ‘Ishq.

[2] Ishq is a form of love that has gone beyond the realm of finiteness into the real where the amplitude of loving is constant i.e. infinite and invariant. And at that it has already reached the perfection and has traversed through any limiting boundaries of perfection vs. imperfection.

[3] ‘Green petrel’ is a Sufi code word based upon the Prophetic Narration: The souls of martyrs are within the bosoms of the green birds (of Paradise) i.e. those who had love in form of ‘Ishq within, lost their heads by willfully throwing their self upon the blades of loving and thus sacrificed their lives to prove the infinite depth of the love that drowned their otherwise loveless living and otherwise worthless being.

Background: Haitian Street Children making a living by cleaning windshields of cars in Port-Au-Prince and if the driver ignores them they hang from the door and drag through the traffic until they are given some money.

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda