Shun The Face  

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While moaning and weeping
Just a faint glimmer of my Self
While falling in love with You
In habit of stealing my Self away
I swear to God and ITs most Pure Essence
I am cleansed from the self-worship awash!
How can I turn away from Your sublime Face? [1]
Is there even such shunning a moment possible?

In this battle and this arena
It is a shame limping about to die [2]
Lovers since all submitting themselves to You
Laughing upon the face of all deadly carnage
The branches of the tree perchance trembling
But for sure the roots shiver not by any fear [3]
The gardener of love harvests the fruits

Farmed in the orchards of his own heart [4]
The lover’s heart gift-wrapt in beneficence [5]
While amidst afflictions wrapt in sufferance

Practicing the asceticism and learning the knowledge?
O! Pedantic sage no way to practice love to learn [6]

Shams Tabrizi preached these many times in the past [7]
Useless words fallen upon every ear unheard

Upon the first instance of the creation of every single human being, upon the first glance at the Beloved Mankind fell in love inescapably and proof of this love is the very peculiar existence of Mankind on a remote planet concealed within a seemingly lifeless, infinitely vast universe.
If human being was not loved by Beloved, and was just a passing interest, Mankind would find himself in a crowded throng not worthy of any attention, hence love-less. But man is well hidden like a valuable treasure in depth of an un-charted un-traveled space, hence the certainty of an eternal love. A love that entire universe jealously wants a part of, an envy that haunts Mankind moment after moment.
However when man is born from the mother, in this worldly form seemingly suffers from the amnesia i.e. does not remember the meeting with his Beloved Creator where the two lovers exchanged vows of loyalty, Koran[5:54] :
“a people whom Hu(IT) will love as they will love Hu(IT)”
Man in his biological form cloaked by the veil of infinite Hijabs, body heart and mind obstructed from viewing his Beloved. He must make paramount efforts and he must observe etiquette in order to gain access to his regal love. This amnesia: “who is my creator?” clarions call to the court of the Sultan of Love announcing the perplexed lover’s entrance indeed: “I am ready to fall in love” thus asking for permission for loving.
But the lover must behold the beauty of the Beloved. If the beauty is not seen, there is no desire and if there is no burning upon the flames of desire there is no helpless fall into the gravitational pull of love. Stands between the Beloved and the lover’s heart one and only one Hijab (veil) i.e. the Self.
Either the lover pulls away this veil by the arm of renunciation or shall be blind eternal.
If the lover cannot drop this veil purposefully, afflictions shall rush to his aid! While moaning and crying in rueful throes of pain, the powerful arm of agony shall push the curtains of Self away, vexed pirates of sighs shall set sail upon the waves of tears to snatch the Self away. In this precise moment, though aloof, the lover intoxicated with the effervescent wine of loving, prepares for the prostrating fall upon the courtyard of Sultan of Love.
And once drunken and Self is detached, eyes blinded by the sublimity of the Beloved, no training no schooling no books no helpers no teachers, nothing indeed needed or capable of teaching this love. Because the very essence of your Creation was love Itself.
[1] Sometimes people think they can just turn their face away from the Creator. Either because they are arrogant or have tainted themselves with some immoral act. Under all circumstances, you as the lover face the splendid face of the Beloved. Just like the law of gravity true for all space and time, this is the law of loving true for all lovers.
[2] The lover rushes to any danger fearless with no mind given to the consequences. Indeed it is a shame on the path of love to fear death and hardship.
[3] A true lover is a like a well-rooted tree. The winds of trials and tribulations may tremble its branches may even break one or two, but the roots firm within the earth of loving, Koran[14:24] :
24. Seest thou not how Allah sets forth a parable? - A goodly word like a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the heavens,- of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition.
25. It brings forth its fruit at all times, by the leave of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition.
26. And the parable of an evil Word is that of an evil tree: It is torn up by the root from the surface of the earth: it has no stability.

[4] A lover is a gardener busy in orchards of his heart. The fruits of his loving bear within his own heart. He should not seek any outward physical rewards. All coming to fruition within.

[5] The best I could translate was that our heart is wrapped in fine paper of beneficence. While our physical beings wrapped in the torments of afflictions.

[6] First verse I suspect is sarcasm. People reading books or fast or do breathing techniques or wear certain fabrics or follow some spiritual leader. In all this all you did was practicing some art or sport. Because the loving has nothing to do with learning or training. It has to do with casting away the self.
[7] Shams Tabrizi is the name of the poet's best friend though a tormented relationship of sort.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda