Tariq ut-Tahqiq (The Path of Realization)

(19) The Key To The Doors of Secrets & The Lantern For The Soul Of The Righteous 

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The Creator of the creation, The Nonpareil Deity
The potent doer the manufacturer of “Be & it is” [1]
Whatsoever IT delivered from nonbeing to beingness
For all the existence you are the true and only intent
First know the goodness within your Self
Read aloud your Creation’s written tablet
Look deep within to see who created you?
For what purpose and action selected you?
Just a pile of vile dust but yet upon you ITs tribute!
From that lowliness to both worlds ‘you’ IT debuted! [2]


Hark O Dervish! Look upon the mirror where the train is the reflection of your Nafs (Psyche) and the emaciated Sudanese mother the reflection of your Soul. See that mighty train of your Nafs (Psyche) nothing but a monster in bondage of the rails—the reflection of your lusts—and your broken heart the lifeless child strapped upon her back. Be like unto her who hungrily searches the dusts for few forgotten grains thus sieve deep within the sands of amnesia for your true Self. Unearth the glittering pearls of that Beloved in dusky depth of your beingness, the jewels adorning the veil of Creation.

[1] In the Farsi poem this exact Koranic/Arabic phrase, underlined in what follows, was placed and rhymes with the previous Farsi verse, “To IT is due the primal origin of the heavens and the earth: When IT decrees a matter, IT says to it: "Be," and it is.” (Koran [2:117]). All what we see around us is the Divine Verbiage (Kalimah) written in matter-energy, time-space and life-death.

[2] The creation of the first man was indeed a secret that no one in the universe was allowed to know about. Adam was indeed debuted to the angels as their new master and appointed as the Divine Deputy (Khalifah). So the words in the poem e.g. selected or debuted have strong indications of this fact.


Background: Mother Searching Sand for Grain, Nyala Sudan. Photo Larry Armstrong.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda