Sheikh Abul-Makaarem Rokned-din Alaa-od-doleh Ahmad Bin Mohammad Bin Ahmad Biabaanki Semnani one of the great Sufis and poets of Iran born around 650 (HQ) or 1200s (CE) in the province of Biabaank Semnan. He came from a large and affluent family and during his youth he was under the rule of local militia wearing weapons and carrying on as a government personnel. Suddenly he left all that away, slept little ate a little and spoke a little and learned Koran and spent much time in worship and became one of the greats of the Sufism.

These are a collection of forty sessions of his teachings in form of question & answer, offered from the Eid Fitr to Hajj in year 724 (HQ).

I thought they would serve as a nice example of sample Sufi personal teachings for the English readers and Sufi educators.

Forty Sessions (Chehel Majlis)

Advice from Sheikh Semnani   

The Vastness of Human Heart        
Imam Ali  
Missing Pearl  
Origins of Personal Pronouns 



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