Book 2

Chapter 17

Haala Toma’nina (Heart’s State of Repose & Serenity)

Allah Almighty has said, “(To the righteous Nafs (soul) will be said:) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and repose” (Koran [89:27]). In Tafsir (Exegesis of Koran) it has been noted by some that this type of Nafs (Soul, Psyche) is in repose due to the faith. And again Allah has said, “Those who believe, and whose hearts find repose in the remembrance of Allah. for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find repose” (Koran [13:28]). And in the story of Abraham Peace Be Upon Him, he wanted to know how the dead are raised back to life and his reason for asking this question from the Lord was, “To calm my heart with serenity & repose” (Koran [2:260]).

Sahl Ibn Abdollah said, “Once the heart of a slave is at calm & repose in presence of his Divine Master, then his Haala (Momentary State of the Heart) is empowered such that all things become familiar/clear/manageable for him”.

Hasan Ibn Ali Damqani was asked about the verse, “(To the righteous Nafs (soul) will be said:) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and repose” (Koran [89:27]) and replied, “Once the hearts are refreshed with the familiarity beatitude & serenity then they would know It (the Lord). Beatitude due to the Ma’refat (Cognizance) of Its Divine Jalal (Sublimity & Glory), Refreshed due to knowing Its Mercy & Fadhl (Generosity), Serenity due to knowing Its true & loyal friendship and sufficiency to provide, and Familiarity due to Its Divine Beauty and Lotf (Grace)”.

Someone asked Shebly what is the meaning of this quote from Abu-Solayman Darani, “When the Nafs (Soul or Psyche) finds its power & force indeed finds its calm & repose”? Replied, “That is when the Nafs (Soul or Psyche) comprehends truly who is behind its power & force, then suddenly it becalms”. Toma’nina (Repose & Serenity) is a Haala (Momentary State of the Heart) endued upon someone who has capable wisdom, powerful faith, well-formed unshakable knowledge, cleansed heart and pure Dhikr (Remembrance) and it is of three types:

1.    Toma’nina (Repose & Serenity) for ‘Aam (General Public) once they remember the Lord their hearts becalm and their pleasure is when their daily needs are fulfilled and disasters are deflected by the Lord. For that reason Allah said, “(To the righteous Nafs (soul) will be said:) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and repose” (Koran [89:27]) meaning be at rest & calm that there is no other force, which can block or deflect either blessings or afflictions.
2.    Toma’nina (Repose & Serenity) for Khaas (Specific People) is for those who are happy with their destiny and patient facing the hardships. With purity & righteousness at calm & rest they live and reposed at the Lord’s saying, “For Allah is with those who restrain themselves (from sins), and those who do good” (Koran [16:128]). Indeed Allah is with the patient ones who are at peace hearing Allah’s word, “Allah is with those who patiently persevere” (Koran [8:66]) and their repose & serenity is commingled with their obeisance & worship.
3.    Toma’nina (Repose & Serenity) for very selected few (Khaas) that their hearts suffers from anxiety and cannot be calmed due to the Divine Might & Glory’s penetration into their Adraak (Rationalization & Cognition). It is Nonpareil & Nonesuch (Meaning It shocks Its viewer since nothing like It both beautiful & powerful ever seen). Therefore if someone understands the latter how can he ever have repose & serenity? Therefore these select individuals drowned & smoldered within the shoreless endless burning sea of Shawq (Anxious Yearning) afire. These were a summary of the Waseti’s words about this issue. But Toma’nina (Repose & Serenity) indeed demands & seeks the Moshahedah (Divine Perception).


Management of Haala (Momentary State of the Heart) in repose, from moment to moment, repelling & deflecting the anxieties & stress to live in peace & comfort is a lost science of Sufism. Today ‘I’ look for these sciences in books whilst “my Self” wallowing in Self-imposed ignorance! Looked through the eyes of the orbital satellites and squint though the Quantum Tunneling Microscopes but found nothing of this science to calm the unrest within my vexed heart.

At last I wore the eyes of this dying AIDS Orphan child and looked at “my Self” and found the repose, that very serenity this child bequeathed to Sufis.

To bring this science back to Sufism is not a matter of books or lectures but a matter of life & death and this girl in her death begat spiritual life for the Nation of Sufism.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda