The Foam

Shah Ne’matul-lāh Wali

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Within the foaming waves there is the water
                                      For you to discover
This water within these foaming bubbles
                                      For you to discover

Glancing upon the mirror of the radiant moon
There is the lustrous blazing face of the sun
                                      For you to discover

For every flower’s every petal that can be seen
Within its manifestation there is the perfume
                                      For you to discover

Now spend a moment with our cupbearer here [1]
Since there is the Cupbearer of That Vineyard
                                      For you to discover

Rush pass beyond the veil of Self-worship
There is That unveiled manifest Beloved
                                      For you to discover

If in your mind finding the images of others
They are only the reminiscence of a short nap
                                      For you to discover

The being of Ne’matul-lāh indeed a treasure
That treasure concealed within these ruins
                                      For you to discover


We always believe that something of great value is somewhere ‘else’, over there far away beyond our reach. But for sure the treasure of humanity is in depth of each one of us, only when we can see our foolish longings subdued, and only then when all is in ruins, we can unearth that treasure.

What do you see in the bubbles? What do you see in the waves? If you saw foaming waving bubbles, then you saw nothing, but if for a moment you could only see the water…

Do you see the radiance of the moon or you see the reflection of the sun?

Can you smell the perfume or you see withering falling petals?

But none of that you may see within, if you worship your Self, and while humming your morning Dhikr or performing your nightly Salāt interrogate your Self: Who am I worshipping or am I worshipping Hu?

Isn’t the time upon us to confess who we really are? Bowing our heads down and say in a low trembling voice: I shall not live the dreams of someone else!

Can you see passed your bubbles? Can you see passed your waves?

[1] Allah informed the angels of a concealed secret namely Adam as the Khalifa (Deputy) appointed by Allah upon this tiny earth. Not a subjugating Sultan but a Divine Translator, upon this earth, who translates the ‘Ilm (Divine Knowledge) into spoken/written words into well meant deeds and emotions.  

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda