Baba Tahir Oryaan one of the Orafa with smoldered heart living in Hamedan western province of Iran around 900 years ago. Not much is known about him even during his life. He wrote lyrics and songs and from the rhythms of the poems in Persian it is evident that he played along with his Taar the string Persian guitar.

The poems have such colloquial Hamedani accent that makes it impossible for an average Farsi speaker to get the meanings. Fortunately in my manuscript there is a little glossary at the end I used to map the words and the sounds.

Because the poems are so blue and he played them with his Taar, I decided that the artwork for pages should be guitar players specially the blues guys.

Play the blues Baba:

Envied are those
Emptiness of reason their life
Wallow in ignorance with bliss
Not a word to read or write

Like derelicts towards the desert they run
Midst the mountains
Wallow in pastures
Grazing deer untied

The Trade    

My Heart    

Stabbing the Eye  

The Garden Not The Gardner     

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda