Sheikh Roozbehan Shirazi born in 522 (HQ) or 1000 (CE) was trained as a young man to be in finance however he left that all for the sake of the Beloved. His frustration with the civilization of the time forced him to retreat to caves for 6 years. After he studied the nature, joined the schools of some of the luminaries of his time.

His most important book is called The Lovers’ Daffodil (Abharol ‘Aasheqin) which is written solely for ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love). In all fairness no one has been able to discuss and guide the seekers on the matters of love like him. About this book he has said, “Some dear friend asked me to write a book about human love Divine love in Persian, so this book is a short treatise on the matter a path towards Ons (Divine Intimacy) and perhaps a nice smelling flower in the hearth of the Beloved”.
The treatment is by means of elimination or destruction of logic, reasoning, hate and preconceived notions form/within the readers mind and reconstructing the words, as perfume, solely depending on love & passion.

Chapter 2: Prefatory Remarks     
Chapter 3: Prophetic & Intellectual Evidence  
Chapter 4: Lovers & Beloveds   
Chapter 31: Yearning    

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