The Lovers' Daffodil

The Prophetic & Intellectual Evidence for Human ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love)

Chapter 3. 

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Indeed the Mahab-bat (Divine Love) built a mine [0], from Jalaal (Momentous Glory) of Zhaat (Divine Essence) and Beauty of Sifaat (Divine Attributes) and Manifestation of Divine Deeds within the hearts & minds of the Spiritual & Religious slaves, to extract Ishq (Unrestrained Love) from the Beloved. And the nightingales of Haqiqat (Absolute Reality) [1] & Ma’refat (Divine Gnosis) pushed their beaks of Shawq (Anxious Yearning) into the hearts of the ones with firm ‘Aql (Intellect). Clasped at the claws of Jazb (Attraction), this overpowering falcon of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) of the Divine Ordinance, carries the Beloved’s Mahab-bat (Divine Love) into the realm of Moshahedah (Observable Universe). The Haqq (True & Absolute Reality, The Lord) places the lovers alongside lovers and adorns them with the fineness of Mahab-bat (Divine Love). Being munificent with Its lovers—after the Istefaa (Choosing & Selection) of their sanctified souls—bestowed upon them ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) & Mahab-bat (Divine Love) thus saying, “But I cast (the garment of) love over thee from Me” (Koran [20:39], Allah told Moses).  Mojahed said, “No matter what kind of love & affection”.  (Meaning all kinds love was poured into the human being)

Here the sanctified souls once enrobed by the Divine Light—by the pure descent of the Sifaat (Divine Attributes)—the luminous rays from the mine of Sifaat (Divine Attributes) transmit from the realm of the souls to the realm of the bodies. Therefore the heart & soul of the intellects feel the love due to the impact of this (transmission of) ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love). This is a glittering pearl for the lovers, a bestowal from the Lord an infinite & endless blessing, their wealth from the beginning to the end. Because the chieftain of the Moshahedah (Divine Perception) for the Qayb (Transcendental Unseen) and the fierce warrior of the arena of the hearts—Mohammad peace be upon him—taught Imam Ali, “Say: My Lord cast upon I the love from within the believers’ hearts, give me a confidant & love, give me loyalty, commitment & undying love”. 

Once the hearts of the Awlia (Divine Patricians) become true, because of the human love that emanated from the Divine Sifaat (Attributes), these hearts of Awlia become the lodestone for the believers’ souls—a herald. This lodestone pulls the believers from the mines of human nature towards the eternal realm, whereupon the eye of Moshahedah (Divine Perception) by beholding the beauty of the Sifaat (Divine Attributes) perfects their Ma’refat (Divine Gnosis). The Jalal (Momentous Glory) of the Divine Mahab-bat (Divine Love)—answering the prayers of the Mohammad—sent down the verse, “On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, will ((Allah)) Most Gracious bestow love” (Koran [19:96]). In other words has said, “Mahab-bat (Divine Love) within the hearts of the believers”.

Whomsoever finds the wealth of the Mahab-bat’s (Divine Love’s) effulgence, adorned by the Divine Beauty, shall find a hearth within the hearts of those who are near to Al-Haqq (True & Absolute Reality, The Lord). The person who is beautified as such and desired by the hearts is called either “The Morad (sought after) by Allah on Its earth” or “The beloved of Allah amongst the people”. Prophet said, “Do you want me to inform you about the most loved by Allah?” people replied affirmative and he continued, “The most loved amongst the people”.

A scale, measuring the Mahab-bat (Divine Love), appears due to the effect of the beauty upon the souls’ reception & perception of such beloved (amongst the people). Until equilibrium is reached between the love for Mankind and Mahab-bat (Divine Love), where the measure of that loving is the weight of Mahab-bat (Divine Love) for Lord’s beloved(s) balanced against the peoples’ love for them. It has to be clear for the intellectual ones who believe in Al-Haqq (The True, Absolute Reality, The Lord) That the Royal Highness first selected the righteous before endued them with righteousness. The rule for the Mahab-bat (Divine Love) is the enrobing. (The Lord enrobes whomever It loves with the gown of beauty & goodness thus covering them with Inaaya (Divine Providence) & Mahab-bat (Divine Love) which are exclusively found at the Divine Presence in Azal (Sempiternity). The robe for Perfected Ones (Kaamel), is the spiritual beauty & goodness which is the lodestone for the Morid (Seeker), and their destination becomes the Lord. The robe for the physical/behavioral beauty & goodness, is such that if the selfless lover does not betray and persists upon appreciating & loving, guides the way towards the beatitude of Wasl (Divine Nexus) & Shohood (Divine Presence) [2])

Indeed It loves Its own gown of Divine beauty & goodness and there is no surprise nor amazement at this.

Within the Haqiqat (Absolute Reality) [1] of Sabab (Instruments & Causes between Man & the Lord) there is nothing more endeared & mightier than the human love & Mahab-bat (Divine Love), because it is a Khaas (Personalized & Specific) instrument [3]. Stepping upon this (niche & personalized) ladder we can reach the roof of Azal (Sempiternity). Beauty is the best instrument to obtain this form of Mahab-bat (Divine Love) as was told (by Allah) to the Sun shining upon the realm of Azal (Sempiternity) and the Simorgh nesting within the orchards of Abad (Eternity) i.e. Mohammad, “Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you” (Koran [3:31]) since the most momentous & splendid beauty was found within the beauty & goodness of our chieftain & gentleman (Mohammad), may peace & blessing of Allah be upon him. Enchained within each strand of his hair one hundred Josephs in dungeons of Ishq (Unrestrained Love) and one hundred thousand suns & moons shine & glitter within a ray of his soul.

His beauty was indeed a lucent shaft of Manifestation emanated from the Divine Zhaat (Essence) since he was the mirror reflecting the Sifaat (Attributes) of the Divine Zhaat (Essence). These luminous reflections, through him, in this world were the traces of the other world. He was the hadal waves of the deep ocean of Qedam (Time Immemorial) who traversed the realm of ‘Adam (Nonbeing) into this world. This gentleman’s ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) reached & benefited people in two ways: First those who follow him, second those who are influenced to see talk & behave in accordance to his Kholoq (Disposition & Character), since the Lord called his behavior exalted & grand because his disposition & proclivity was based upon (or towards) the Divine’s.

His, Mohammad’s,  Khalq (Creation) shaped by the “Allah created Adam upon Its own likeness/manner [4]”. His Kholoq (Disposition) derived from Sifaat (Divine Attributes) “And thou (standest) on an Azim (Exalted) standard of character” (Koran [68:4], Azim (Exalted) is a Divine Attribute). Allah did not see any better wealth for Children of Adam than that of acceptance of hearts caused by the impressions of beautiful disposition as was indicated by the Prophet, “Do you want me to inform you about who is best loved by Allah and closest to me?” People responded affirmative and he continued, “The best in his character and humble to those loving & being loved”. And again peace be upon him said, “Indeed Allah loves with Wodd (Constant Loving) [5] from Qadim (Time Immemorial)”. Anas has narrated that whenever a gift was given to the Prophet he would ask him to take it to so and so lady, saying, “Because she loves Khadija”. (Khadija was the first most beloved wife of the Prophet who died early in their marriage. I guess it means since Khadija & this other lady loved each other then even after Khadija’s death the love continues, prophet fosters this continuation if he could.)

Behold the rational presented to the folk of Ma’refat (Divine Gnosis) when it comes to Divine ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love), ‘Ishq for Its friends/lovers and Its Mahab-bat (Divine Love) for the slaves, and this Divine ‘Ishq an Ishaarat (Paradigm) hinting towards the human ‘Ishq, a paradigm for lover nearing their beloved. The law of this ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) is such that the late night yelps of the dogs in beloved’s street are heard by the lover’s soul and in reaching the fulfillment of love these barks are considered as the Sabab (Instruments & Causes):

Some day Majoon found a dog in desert
Kissing its legs and circling it with grace

“Showering the dog with love!” He was asked why?
Cried, “It has once passed the Leily’s valley by!”


Obeying & fulfilling all Leily’s family’s want
Carrying the burden of their desire old & young

Due to the Mahab-bat’s (Divine Love’s) lofty rank and Ishq’s (Unrestrained Love’s) fortune, the covenant of ‘Ishq was fulfilled by the chieftain of all lovers (Mohammad). Prophet said that Solomon told his son, may Allah’s blessing be upon all of them, “Pursue (with top priority in your heart) in accordance with the Awwal (Primordial or First) Beloved”. After being cut-off and yanked away from the flaring ardor of Divine ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love), they still recall the nectar of ‘Ishq and behold the Beloved’s phantasm upon the mirror of their imagination but unfortunately ‘It’ is searchlessly rare since nothing can ever reach It.

The source for ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) is the Khaas (Personalized & Niche) Mahab-bat (Divine Love) which derives its characteristics from Al-Haqq (The Absolute & True Reality, The Lord). The King & the Prince i.e. Abraham & Mohammad were debuted to the universe, It called Abarham the Khalil (Friend) and Mohammad the Habib(beloved), dressed the first with robe of companionship and the second with the gown of love, may Allah be pleased with them both. (These two prophets are examples of Khaas (Personalized & Niche) love with the Divine Beloved)

And all the Maqamat (Stations for the heart to meet the Divine) e.g. affright, hope, patience & trust, are indeed the tumult to provoke the cognizance within the heart of the ‘Aref (Divine Cognoscente). Indeed their eyes sighted with the Divine Vision entering the Qayb (Transcendental Unseen) in close proximity to the Lord to finally Fanaa (Evanesce). And other than the Mahab-bat (Divine Love) which is a Sifat (Attribute) from the Zhaat (Divine Essence)—both lover & beloved attributed to—this Fanaa (Evanesce) & Zawaal (Annihilation) not possible.

In the Eternal Abode of orchards of Paradise, the beatitude of the heart of the Awlia (Divine Patricians) are the Lord’s ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) & Mahab-bat (Divine Love). Since the impact of beholding the Qadim (Time Immemorial & Preexistent) beauty and endowal of Perfected & Completed Divine gifts are Abad (Eternal) & Azal (Sempiternal) and they can not be annihilated in either world in their reality or metaphorically since their origination is the Divine Essence which is immutable i.e. subject to no hange or variation.  

O my Beloved Creator of the humanity, I wrote about the Fadhl (Munificence) of Your ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) based upon the Hadith (Narration of the Prophet) the Koranic verses and intellectual rationalization. If you, the reader, have to see the trees of Mahab-bat (Divine Love) through the eyes of the Soul, come into my eyes, through the purified portals of Divine Manifestation you shall glance at the blooming trees of Mahab-bat (Divine Love) upon which hundreds of thousands of nightingales singing the aching soothing songs of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) and deep within the vernal orchards of the heart flames of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) burnt the wings of struggle whereat the soul left helpless clasped between the beaks of love.

Lovers hurried towards Its Presence drunken
Minds in sleeves and souls at hand so hasten

Yearning with anxiety galloping the heart
At the mount of Its stallion sacrificed’em all

(People used to place goods in their wide sleeves in old days. Here the poet uses sleeves as a symbol of a rushed packing of goods to offer to a king mounted upon a house.)



What moves few bones & skin to embrace a child, moments prior to a horrific death? That which gravitates the two together, was brought into this universe with tremendous application of energy & force from another universe. The mold within the human being to hold this love was crafted again with fantastic energy & force, indeed a precision instrument the most intricate known to the creation. And tremendous size of the cosmos was necessary to contain this uncontrollable this unrestrained all-powerful Divine Love, say of a mother for her child.

And when Mankind drowned within the darkness of misanthropy, the Divine Power that flooded this universe with love and The Divine Artist that precision-crafted the beautiful mold & matrix of humanity, sent down the Prophets to inject within Humanity the torrential beauty of love.

The prophet appears in darkness within whose bosom scintillates the sanctified mirror reflecting the lucent rays of the Divine Attributes. The luminous shafts of light that reflect from our mirrors installed within, one reflecting towards the other and the light lets you see: one loving another.

The father that carried the corpse of his son for days, the emaciated mother clasping at her child to the last moment, fingers pointing at the distant moon, the moon of that Divine Beloved and the love within hearts pointing towards the Majesty of Its Everlasting Beauty.

The Beloved Creator did not love you from your birth; you were loved from time immemorial to incomprehensible end of all eternities. And when you glance at your Self upon the mirrors of others remember that Divine Beloved chose the righteous before endued them with the righteousness.

And if people can not love the dogs of that Beloved's valley i.e. the famished & ailing African mother & father, no one can love that incommensurable illimitable Divine Beauty our Most Manifest Beloved.


[0] For Mahab-bat (Divine Love) Behroozan used the term Khaas (Specific, Niche & Personal) to indicate this would happen not at the broad sense of the word love. It happens to few who find the ‘mine’ within themselves to extract the ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love).

[1] Haqiqat is the awareness & consciousness that you are subsisting & facing the Al-Haqq (The True & Absolute Divine Reality, The Lord). Jonaid said, “Haqiqat despises that there is something remains within the heart subject to the explanation or interpretation”. Meaning the truth of Haqiqat is a reality e.g. gazing upon the sun or moon. It is there with no ambiguities or misinterpretations. And like glancing upon the moon & the soon your entire awareness is consumed into a reality that has no ambiguities.

[2] Often the religious & spiritual folk do not understand why there is physical beauty. They often down play or even avoid the physical attractions around. The mother is an example of the physical beauty; the child believes that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Similarly an orchid blooms to stun our eyes or we listen to the beauty of a waterfall or the giggle of a child. In all these our Divine Beloved placed some of Its own secret beauty to guide us towards Itself: “See this beauty, love it, if you don’t abuse it, it guides you to Me” is the song Sufi hears looking at all physical beauty.

[3] There are ‘Aam (Broad & General) instruments e.g. a train which carries everyone to one specific destination. And then there is Khaas (Personalized & Specific) instruments e.g. a passenger car that carries only the driver to any specific destination. Human & Divine Love are Khaas they carry each individual to a niche & specific tryst with his Divine Beloved. Allah sends provisions for everyone, we all eat we all drink we all have home we all recover from hurt. These are ‘Aam (Universal) blessings from Allah. But when the slave becomes a lover and is carried alone towards the rendezvous with the Beloved that is a grand affair and Sufis call that Khaas (Specific & Niche).

[4] This Hadith (Narration) of the Prophet has been interpreted in many different ways. The best description fitting the Sufism’s framework is as follows: Allah created Adam in likeness or Its Characteristics & Attributes e.g. Allah is Most Merciful so It put mercy in man, Allah is Omniscient so gave man some knowledge, Allah Most Beneficent Provider & Sustainer so made man generous & charitable, so on and so forth.

[5] Wodd is similar to the Arabic word Hobb which means love. However Wodd is a love that does not diminish it is as ever passionate & affectionate. From Wodd comes the word Wadood that means the Perpetual & Constant Lover, which is one of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah. In this Hadith (Narration) Prophet says that Allah’s love/loving is infinitely ancient i.e. once we are born Allah has already loved us for an eternity. There is nothing we can do of good or evil, to ourselves or to others, that can fluctuate the amplitude of this love.

Contributor: ‘Adel Mahmood who help me with the Hadith translations in Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Toronto June 2004. 

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda