Divine Flash 23

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Ishq (Unrestrained Love) is a fire which, once it flares within the heart, shall burn whatever it finds in there to the extent of wiping off all traces of forms/shapes of the beloved. As Majnun was burning, he when was asked: ‘Has Layli arrived?’ He replied: ‘I myself am Layli’. His head sank within the Farāghat (Emptiness) and Layli said: ‘Raise your head, I am the beloved and you are the sought-after’ Finally behold who is stalling you?
Majnun replied again: "Woe unto you! Indeed your love has busied me away from you"!

So it was that with seeing you, I used to become frolic
But now because of my Ishq for you, I have no concern even about you!

During the invocations, The Prophet—Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him— informed of this Maqam (Stationary state of the heart):

“Oh my Lord! Make it that Your love is more beloved to me than my own hearing and my own vision”

كنز العمال الإصدار 2.01 - للمتقي الهندي
المجلد الثاني >> الإكمال من الفصل السادس في جوامع الأدعية
3794 - اللهم إني أسألك حبك وحب من يحبك والعمل الذي يبلغني حبك، اللهم اجعل حبك أحب إلي من نفسي وأهلي والماء البارد.
(حل عن أبي الدرداء).

Or to paraphrase the latter: "O You The One Who is my hearing and my seeing":

I want you to make me so busied with your Ishq
That by your Ishq I will not even pay attention to you

And more amazing: "The Divine Beloved, does Ishara (Pointing) at you as well by the phrase ‘Hu (He, IT) forgot them’ [9:67]. How could The Divine Beloved succumb to the Ishq too? [1] ‘Understands whomever understands and becomes cognizant whomever is cognizant and he who does not have Dhauq (The taste of experiences) comprehends not’.

فهم من فهم و عرف من عرف و لم يذق لم يعرف

All these are elucidations through symbolism:

Ishq (Unrestrained Unary Love) first appeared by the commandment of Ahbabtu (I loved) as being the lover, until it entangled itself with the beloved-ness- thus duality (lover vs. beloved) and Kathra (Multitude) formed- i.e. Ishq first turned the face of the lover away from the beloved, then turned the face of the beloved away from the lover thus enrobing both with the garment of duality and finally dyeing them with Hu’s (ITs, His) own singleton dye:

All these colors filled with the pigments of deceptions 
The dye-container of Wahdat (Divine Oneness) shall dye all a single color



Jāneh Jānam (My Beloved):

Ishq is the unary unrestrained limitless love within which love, lover and beloved are one and the same. It appears first as a duality i.e. lover vs. beloved. At first you love some Delbar (Heart-throbbing beloved) then must come the feral flames of loss,when the false-beloved turns its face away. All traces and memories of the false-beloved burn and char, then the flames find nothing else save you yourself, so they burn your Nafs (Self) away too so that all that is left finally is none but that Divine Singleton Beloved!

Q: Why all this trickery?
A: There is no other way but to trick the Nafs (Self) to leave you Azizam (My dearest) alone with your Azizat (your true Divine Beloved).

Insatiable flames of Ishq burn all; you & I, the Nafs (Self) and even the Wujud (Being), the ashes and even the gales that blow the burning ashes to leave nothing and no one behind but the object of every desire, the Sultan of all hearts, Azizam (My Dearest) and Azizat (your Dearest)—Azizi (The Dearest Beloved) that we love even when we are/were non-beings!



[1] ‘Allah forgot them’ is a Majaz (Corridor) to the other world where you can SEE how Allah is with those coined as ‘forgotten by Allah’

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