Divine Flash 28

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Once, The Beloved willed to nurture the lover to higher ranks [1]. At first, IT disrobed every gown that was put on the lover from every universe (wherever the lover had passed through [2]), and enrobed the lover with the regal gown of Hu’s (ITs, His) own Sifat (Divine Attributes), henceforth calling the lover with Hu’s (ITs, His) own Divine Names and finally bringing the lover to reside upon Hu’s (ITs, His) own place. There within the resting-place (Earth?) Hu marooned him until the time to return him to Hu’s (ITs, His) own realm in order to correct his shortcomings. Once  the lover returned to Hu’s (ITs, His) own realm, Hu disrobed him from the gown of the other universe and this time dressed him with ITs own (colors), the lover now sees this new gown and beholds himself in a new color:

"Wow! What is this color with such prettiness?
What gown is this with such uniqueness?"

Suddenly the lover finds his own Self in a new form of You-ness, and tells himself:

I smell from You such a breeze unknown to me
I suspect that the waters flowed from You towards us

اشم منك نسيما, لست اعرفه
اظن لمياء جرت فيك اردنا

I am who I desire and the one I desire is I
We are two souls who alighted in one body

انا من اهوى و من اهوى انا
نحن روحان حللنا بدنا

Are these goblets through which a drink became scintillating ?
Or are these suns by which clouds were illuminated?

اكؤس تلالات بهه مدام
ام شموس تهللت به غمام

Here it becomes clear to whom the word FACE refer :"Every object is in the state of destruction except ITs Wajh (Face); perhaps the Ha (‘h’ sound is the pronoun its) of ‘ITs Face’ may be referring to the ‘object’. (Dara: the verse can read ‘every object is in the state of destruction except its face i.e. except the face of the object)

Due to whatever cause, the object is destroyed from the point of view of Surat (Characteristics); yet, its Ma’nā (Meaning) is Baqi (Everlasting, remaining). The FACE means the FACE of Divine Zuhur (Emergence) of Al-Haqq (Absolute Reality and Truth) or ‘But will abide for ever the Wajh (Divine Face) of your Lord the possessor of momentous Glory and Generosity’. Surat al-Rahman [55:27]  

My friend now that you know that the meaning and the reality of the objects is Hu’s (ITs, His) Wajh (Divine Face) then say: ‘show us the objects as they are!’, until you can behold:

For within every object there is a sign of Hu (IT, Him)
Guiding towards the (reality) that IT is a singleton One

ففي كل شيء له آية
تدل على انه واحد

Forgive me, these words are spoken in drunkenness:

من كل معنى لطيف احتسى قدحا
و كل ناطقة في الكون تطربني

From each subtle meaning I drink a goblet
And every utterance in the Universe causes me rapture [3]

Since my heart goes to the tavern all the time
When could it hang around the worshipers and the ascetics?

I have fallen into a sea with no shore in view:

I do challenge the seven seas
And yet can’t fight a dew drop!

Pardon me if I have repeated these words and concepts, since no matter how much I throw myself towards the shores I find no shore, more waves steal me into the hadal depths:

Praise to the One who meant for me
To be like a frog dwelling quietly in the river

الحمد لله عنى انني
كضفدع ساكنة في اليم

If it sings, it fills its mouth
If it remains silent it dies of sorrow

ان هى فاهت ملات فاها
او سكتت ماتت من الغم

And so much I blame myself:

Splash where there is an endless sea
That even a dew drop might not want you

My heart as well is struggling with the sea of hopes, and in much frustration says:

Although in this sea you cannot do anything
Move your hands and legs that you will not lose anything

When shall ‘we’ be parting with ‘us’?
You and I gone, and all is left the God!

Al-Hamdu (Perpetual Praise) for the Lord of multiverse for the completion of this work.


[1] Bar-Keshidan, Farsi word meaning raising aloft, extracting and mining, improving and raising someone’s rank, nurturing and training, pulling of the fabric to make ripples.   

[2] We passed through the spatiotemporal realm and therefore we are temporal entities i.e. we are enrobed with the space-time attributes. We passed through the atomic/sub-atomic realm and therefore we are corpuscular i.e. we are enrobed with the atomic garment. We passed through the molecular realm and therefore we have worn the molecular gown. We have passed through the realm of evolution therefore we are enrobed with the gown of molecular genetics. We have passed through the realm of the living therefore we have worn the garment of unnumbered molecules and organs (proteins and gene expressions of other organisms) therefore we are wearing the gown of carnality. We have passed through the realm of the intellects and therefore we are enrobed with the gown of intelligence, thought and psyche. And yes we have passed through the realm of the angels and apparitions therefore we are enrobed with the garment of spirituality. And alas we have passed through the realm of devils and we are enrobed with the nefarious robe of evil.

[3]  Tarab is a state of transcendence that the performer and the audience reach during the performance

© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda, Dr. Hind Rifai