The Light of Sciences 

Chapter 5
Munājāh (Soliloquies)

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My Lord! The people offer Shokr (Gratitude) for Your blessings, I offer my gratitude for Your Beingness, the true benefaction is Your existence. (The Morid (Seeker) on the beginning of the path offers gratitude for blessings e.g. food, shelter, money and so on. But towards the end of the path Morid’s eyes do not see anything in this world other than IT so Morid offers gratitude for IT.)

God has called upon my heart, “My slave what do you desire?” and I replied, “For I Your beingness suffice thus what need in others?” (Again this is the language of the Morid (Seeker) at the end of the path)

If on the day of the resurrection, the God asks about me from myself then I would request, “My Lord please ask Yourself about me and ask for I from Your Oneness”. (Facing the Divine Presence Man is unable to speak; our Sheikh understood this peculiar state of speechlessness therefore he is preparing himself for such occasion by asking Allah not to question him about his own Self but rather IT to ask ITself. Moreover, the Sheikh has reached a stage of Oneness that everything about his person is derived from that Oneness or modified towards it. So again he asks IT to ask about him from ITs own Oneness.)

My Lord, upon You, I am wealthy for You. Whatsoever I have is You and You are Everlasting and whatsoever is with You at some times may not be (available). (If what we are, we are for IT then we are wealthy since IT is rich beyond bounds. But what matters: IT is everlasting though some times some of ITs blessings may be taken away.)

My Lord for fifty years Your Mahab-bat (Divine Love) has been upon I. Suddenly within my Serr (Secret) I heard a call, “Before Adam I befriended you”. (This could mean that before the appearance of Mankind on this earth, IT befriended our Souls in Azal (Sempiternity))

My Lord You are my only necessity. I heard within my Serr (Secret), “If you want Me be pure & cleansed since I am pure & cleansed, be needless since I am needless from people”.

My Lord happiness is with You and yet You make Ishārat (a hint or gesture) at the Paradise?

My Lord if in the entire universe there is one kinder than me, then I am ashamed of myself (in Your Presence). (Selfless generosity and kindness is the signature of the Sufis at the end of the path. If you are not overly kind to everyone, almost to your own detriment, you are not on the path.)

My Lord if I tell You tales of sorrowers the heaven & earth shall cry tears of blood. (This sentence was partially eaten by termites so the translation is incomplete: If the Sufi on the path truly loves the people and takes their case to Allah then IT would sympathize and casusing the heavens and earth to cry. So the Sufi on the Path loves Mankind and with much interest takes their case to his Beloved, and this selfless act may expedite the relief of the people from their affliction.)



The Path of Divine Love has two significant points: The beginning and the end. On these two distinguished points the Morid (Seeker) has two distinguished languages. What you read above is the language of a Seeker on the Path that has reached the very end. This person does not talk like ordinary folk any longer. The sentences are laconic & terse. The Morid (Seeker) no longer thinks about the meanings of the words, rather confesses and what you heard above is an uncontrollable form of confession of a Sufi at the end of the path.

It is very important for Morid (Seeker) to speak according to what is within his heart. Do not imitate like a parrot the words of others in order to push your way to the end of the path. Speak with clarity what is within you. If that is not within you then there are no words about it. If it is within you and it is shameful then the words upon your tongue should be shameful. If it is within and it is truth against your Self, then the words upon your tongue should be the truth against your Self.

If you have courage and the sincerity to say what is within you, then the path is shortened you shall find the end much faster. The longer you speak what is not within you the longer is the path stretched in front of you and the harsher the conditions.

The Morid (Seeker) must carefully assess the language he/she speaks with. That has to be directly related to where on the path he/she is that can be assessed by what is within the heart.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda