Qoshairi Manifest

Abul-Qasim Abdul-Karim Bin Hawazin Bin Abdul-Malik Bin Talhah Bin Mohammad Qoshairi a.k.a “The Adornment of Islam” one of the greatest writers and poets of Sufism born around 500 H or 1050 CE in city of Qoochan.
His book the “Qoshairi Manifesto” is a collection of 55 lessons on Sufism. Each lesson is made up of clear definition of the words based upon Koran and Hadith and the research of many scholars and Sufis of his era.
It is perfect reading for someone who needs to learn the details of the terms and practices. Particularly the book is a corpus of sayings of the Sufi luminaries.

Chapter 1: Ideology    
Chapter 3: Glossary    
Chapter 6: Solitude    
Chapter 9: Zohd (Asceticism)    
Chapter 10: Silence     
Chapter 13: Sorrow   
Chapter 27: Elan   
Chapter 32: Freedom   
Chapter 33: Dhikr   
Chapter 42: Sufism   
Chapter 43: Suhbat (Companionship)
Chapter 44: Exiting The World 
Chapter 49: Love  

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