Noored-din Abul-barakat Abdur-Rahman Bin Nezamed-din Admad Bin Mohammad Jaami is of the legendary poets of Persian literature. He is being called the Khatam Al-Shoara which means the seal or the best of all poets. He was born around 1390 in Khorasan where his father escaped to from the fear of the Turks.

He looked down upon poetry though was acknowledged as one of the top poets of his time. However he was not creative and brought forth no new concepts in poetic expression, he is the master poet of all Sufis when it comes to explications in both Farsi and Arabic the concepts of Islam and Sufism. (Especially the concept of One-ness or Tawhid)

He wasted his life yearning to be a bookworm scholar amongst the libraries and Sufi houses. And all he desired was to attend poetry slams or philosophical debates and win! Wining arguments was his trade. To be number one was his affliction.

Being poetic was not an innate need driven by pain or anxiety, which fed the poems. He just wanted to be the number one most eloquent poet. And no one to be better than him in the art of language! It is because of this, that most of his work is nothing except imitating the past masters. For example, his Rubaiyat is nothing more than the re-works of Khosrow, Hafiz and Salmaan…

His poetry is like a clear and well-written explanation of concepts of Sufism especially about Twahid (One-ness of God). He is more poetic and graceful than that of Shah Nematol-lah Wali and his work much more concise and clear that that of Shams Maghrebi.

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