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Lahza (Worldly Perception) is the language of the heart, Khatara (Notion, Idea) is the language of the Sirr (Secrets) and Ishārat (Hinting, Pointing at) is the language of Khafā (Perception for Divine Concealment).

People of the hearts are tested with the Lahza (Worldly Perception), the people of Sirr (Secrets) are tested with the Khatara (Notion, Idea) and people perceptive to Divine Concealment (Khafā) are tested with the Ishārat (Hinting, Pointing at).

For Allah there are slaves who see beyond all things, they see the changes the world undergoes with their hearts’ Lahza (Worldly Perception), affairs of hereafter enter within their Sirr’s (Secrets’) as Khatara (Notion, Idea) and what transpires with Allah by Ishārat (Hinting, Pointing) of Divine Concealment (i.e. hints made at the person with regards to his concealed affairs with Allah).



Sufi is perpetually spoken to! There are many languages he hears! His heart speaks a language, his secretive observations of the Divine speak another language, and yet his affairs that are concealed in the other universe are conveyed to him vis-à-vis yet another subtle language.

Each one of these languages poses possibilities for trials! Sufi might misunderstand what he is being told. He may ignore what he was ordered. He may foolishly share with others the secrets he was entrusted with.

His heart speaks to him moment by moment observing the transitions taking place within this universe. Within his Divine Observatory enters the news of what is happening in hereafter. And finally he is being pointed to, poked at, yet all so subtly, by his affairs in the other universe, affairs that are concealed by Hu (IT).

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda, Editor: Dr. Mohammad Tolba