The Language of the Ants

Chapter 2

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Few tortoises at a beach, stared at the sea where a seagull of many designs buoyed upon the waves, sometimes tumbling up and sometimes down. One of the tortoises asked: Is this an aquatic or an aerial creature? Another replied: If it was not aquatic what is it doing in the water? The third tortoise claimed: If it is aquatic cannot leave without water.

A wise sage amongst them said: Observe and see if it can be without water, and if so then it is not aquatic and needs no water, as opposed to a fish that cannot live without water. And as he was conjecturing this, suddenly a fierce wind blew and the seagull flew in the air and stayed aloft.

They asked the sage for a clear explanation and so he quoted Abu Talib Makki with regards to the Prophet's Wajd (Consciousness for Divine Presence): When Allah enrobed him—with the Wajd—the organization of the mind was removed and the time-space was lifted from him. In other words, during the Wajd (Consciousness for Divine Presence) the spatial constructs and concepts were removed from the Prophet. And again said about the Hassan Bin Salih with regards to the Mahab-bat (Divine Love) and the Maqam (Stationary state of the heart) for Khullat (Friendship): All essences emerged for him and yet/while the space was concealed away. Grand Sages consider the space, the spatial attributes and the body amongst the veils for the 'Aql (Intellect). Hussein Ibn Mansour said about the Prophet: His eyes were shut closed for where-ness. And again said: The Sufi is beyond this world and the world after and above all universes.

The consensus of all sages is that unless the veils are removed there can be no Shuhud (Observation of the Divine Light emanating from the Dhat (Divine Essence)). Moreover, this Jauhar (Intrinsic Essence) i.e. human being that enters the space for Shuhud, is a created creature, transient and temporal.

And all tortoises complained: How can a Jauhar (Intrinsic Essence) that enters into space, be removed from the space? How can it be torn apart from dimensions and directions?

The wise sage concluded: for that reason I wanted you to know that this is indeed a really long story.

The tortoises threw sand at him and while pulling their heads into their shells cried: Leave us!



Imagine the cognition of a tortoise that has never seen a bird? Then you can imagine our cognition about the Prophet, peace be upon him! Imagine the shock and the confusion of the tortoise seeing the seagull at flight! Imagine the shock and the confusion of humanity seeing the Prophet exposed to the Divine Presence.

Can you imagine you without your body? Can you imagine you out of space-time continuum?

Note: The source of all ailments the veils that block the Nur (Divine Light) and the cause for all veils the spatial attributes containing our bodies and the cognition wherein.

Don’t be the tortoise attempting to understand the seagull, and thus don’t be the follower who is attempting to understand the Prophet, just be the tortoise that is pulling his head within his shell to evade the space-time and his body!


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