The Divine Fossil

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In one of the record breaking arctic nights of Toronto I was walking in front of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) when suddenly raised my head as though someone showed me something and glanced through the windows of the museum and saw the fossils of the dinosaurs and then this was etched inside me:

“Biological Human Being is the fossil of a grand spiritual creature who lived in Qidam—Infinite past.”

I browsed at my feet in the boots and hands in the gloves and all I saw was a fossil! Vitiated relic of a terrific spiritual creature who lived in deep past, like the dinosaurs, not from millions or billions of years ago, but roamed in infinite past in a universe free of any potentialities and probabilities.

Saw my Self, as a third person, a fossil of my true living form in infinite past.

Instantly all that happened in my life was explained and put aside. My evil was accounted for and my good was explained in full.

As the ROM’s dinosaurs were propped up by metallic scaffolds and wires, I am being propped up by the scaffolds of proteins and wires made from chains of intercellular molecular waters.

As the fossils of dinosaurs through the windows of ROM museum are nothing but a caricature or an impression made from the minerals hardened by the passage of millions of years, I am nothing but a caricature or an impression of my original spiritual being now made from minerals softened by the passage of infinite time.

ROM’s fossils are carefully arranged and placed under the directional ceiling lights to be viewed by the spectators, as this carefully arranged bio-psychological fossil of ‘I’ is being placed under the solar sun’s light to be viewed and I wonder by Hu.

My Ancient Face

Ever since I stood up on a fruit box to use the sink and look at myself in a mirror, I saw my face as the barometer for passage of time; first I lost my baby teeth, then grew facial hair, then Adam’s Apple, then saw gray hair above my ears, then bags under my eyes, and now I squint at the same mirror for my eyes need reading glasses!

This face is quite ancient:

Your Inner Fish
Neil Shubin
“But four of the cranial nerves have given medical students fits for decades. For good reasons: the four have very complex functions and take tortuous paths though the head to do their jobs. The trigeminal nerve and the facial nerve deserve special mention. Both exit the brain and break up into bewildering network of branches. Much like a cable that can carry television, internet and voice information, a single branch of trigeminal or facial nerve can carry information about both sensation and action.

You are probably beginning to see why I staying up so late to study these nerves (as a medical student). For example, both the trigeminal and the facial nerves send tiny branches to muscles inside our ears. Why do two different nerves, which innervate entirely different parts of the face and jaw, send branches to ear muscles and that lie adjacent to one another? Even more confusing, the trigeminal and facial almost crisscross as they send branches to our face and jaw.

Why? With such oddly redundant functions and tortuous paths, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their structure…

In thinking about these nerves, I am reminded of my first days here in Chicago in 2001. I had been given space for a research laboratory in a hundred-year-old building and the lab need new utility cables, plumbing and air handling. I remember the day when the contractors first opened the walls to get access to the innards of the building.


And that is exactly the point, my building was constructed in 1896, and the utilities reflect and old design that has been jerry-rigged further with each renovation. If you want to understand the wiring and plumbing in my building, you have to understand its history, how it was renovated for each new generation of scientists.

My head has a long history also, and that history explains complicated nerves like the trigeminal and the facial.”

If you want to understand what is your purpose or why you are here or how you got here and so many other unnumbered question, first you need to realize that you are infinitely ancient and second you need to study your history in order to understand this present moment.

Go a step further:

You are, presently, an infinitely ancient fossil of an exotic and unique spiritual creature that dwelt within the realm of actualities free of all potentialities and probabilities. (Not billions of years old but billions of eternities old!)

As the archeologists study the fossil remains to know how the original dinosaurs lived and roamed this planet, you need to study your innards from molecular to psychological to grasp how you were originally as a spiritual new specie and which space or realm you roamed within. No difference in approach.

The latter, to study self as such, is a major part of the Sufism:

Risala Qusahiri
Chaper 1: The Ideology of this Nation (Sufism)
"The Elders of this Nation (Sufism) built their principle upon the Tauhid (Divine Oneness)... They (The Elders of Nation of Sufism) cognized the nature of the Qidam (Immemorially & Infinitely Preexistent and Ancient) and they realized the attributes of Being from the 'Adam (Nonbeing) and because of this Junaid the erudite of this Tariqat (Sufism) has said, “Tauhid (Divine Oneness) is the discernment of Qidam (Infinite Past) from Muhdath (Transient Temporal Universe, here and now)”"

الرسالة القشيرية  القشيري
الفصل الأول
بيان اعتقاد هذه الطائفة في مسائل الأصول
إعلموا، رحمكم الله، أن شيوخ هذه الطائفة بنوا قواعد أمرهم على أصول صحيحة في التوحيد، صانوا بها عقائدهم عن البدع ودانوا بما وجدوا عليه السلف وأهل السنة من توحيد ليس فيه تمثيل ولا تعطيل، وعرفوا ما هو حق القدم. وتحققوا بما هو نعت الموجود عن العدم.
ولذلك قال سيد هذه الطريقة الجنيد، رحمه الله: "التوحيد إفراد للقدم من الحدث".

20:111. All Faces under the duress (facing) the Al-Hayy (Ever Living), Al-Qayyum (Everlasting)

وَعَنَتِ الْوُجُوهُ لِلْحَيِّ الْقَيُّومِ

Those closest to Al-Qayyum (Everlasting) endure larger passage of time and IT is only Allah Hu forbade their destruction under the strenuous exposure to Divine Presence, hence the consequent infinite aging.

The closer to Allah the more ancient, and the furthest the more transient...

the faces turn towards the Nur (Divine Light) of Al-Hayy (The Everliving) and Gravitropically faces enroot through the Qidam (The Infinite Past Realm of Actualities free of all potentialities); while the Al-Qayyum (The Everlasting) prevents them from perishing.

20:111. For sure failed the one who carried any darkness

وَقَدْ خَابَ مَنْ حَمَلَ ظُلْمًا

Ey Māh-Rukh (O moon-faced beauty), All I ever said and all that you ever heard and all that was ever done are nothing but the unearthing of the Divine Fossil of your Self!

© 2009-2002,  Dara O Shayda