This is a rare teaching manual of orthodox Sufism written about 1300s by Sheikh Ezzed-din Mahmood Bin Ali Kashani Nazanzi the student of Noored-din Abdus-Samad Ben Ali Isfahani Nazanzi a famous Sheikh of the school of Sahrwardi.

"The Lantern Of Guidance & Key To Spiritual Sufficiency"  
Chapter One: Manifesto For Sufi Beliefs  
    Section 1: The Meaning For ‘Belief’   
    Section 2: Tawhid (Oneness)     
    Section 3: Names & Attributes 
    Section 4: Creation of People's Deeds  
    Section 5: Divine Words    

Chapter Two:
Explanation of ‘Ilm (Knowledge)
     Section 1: Definition & Ranks of ‘Ilm (Knowledge) 

Chapter Three: Ma'reafat Divine gnosis
    Section 2: Ma'refat of Nafs    
    Section 3: Ma'refat of Some Attributes of Nafs   
    Section 4: Divine Ma'refat & Ma'rfat of Nafs       
    Section 5: Ma'refat of Rooh (Soul)    

Chapter Four: Sufi Terminologies 
Section 2: Jam’ (Togetherness) & Tafraqa (Partition) 
    Section3: Tajalli & Istetar 
    Section 4: Wajd & Wojood  
Section 8: Tajrid & Tafrid   

Chapter Six: Adab
    Section 1: Definition of Adab  
    Section 2: Adab for Divine Presence  

Chapter Eitgh: Khulq (Behavior)
    Section 1:
The Haqiqa (Reality, Truth) of the Khulq (Behavior)  
    Section 4: Qanā’a (Contentment)  

Chapter Nine: The Ranks  
    Section 3: Zohd (Asceticism) 

Chapter Ten:
Explanation of Ahwāl (Pl. Hāla Momentary State of Heart
    Section 5: Hayā (Shyness, Timidity) 

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