Abdollah Ibn Ali Ibn Mohammad Ibn Yahya Abu-Nasr Saraj Tusi a.k.a. “The Peacock of The Paupers” lived around the 4th century of Islam 900 (CE). His seminal work in Sufism called “Al-Loma’ Fel Tasawwuf” or “Glitter of Sufism” is perhaps amongst the first compilations of Sufi teachings, thoughts and practices into book form.

Reynold Alleyne Nicohlson has translated this work into English (from Arabic) around 1914. The book again is has been translated from Arabic into Farsi recently which is the manuscript used in this presentation. The reason the effort was duplicated was due to the fact that 1) Mr. Nicholson made a critical translation 2) He removed all the research & references again a typical trait of the orientalists then & now.

Book 2
    Chapter 1-2: Maqam & Haala        
    Chapter 17: Serenity     

Book 7   

    Chapter 22: Sufi Sheikhs    
    Chapter 23: Morids      

Book 8

    Serr Nafs (Secret of Soul)         
    Ishārat (Pointing, Hinting)       

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