Ishāri (Vectorial) Tafsir (Exegesis) of Surah (Chapter) Al-’A’lā (The Lofty)

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What is Ishāri (Vectorial) Tafsir (Exegesis)? 
Isma: Isdār Al-Awwal (Primordial Emanation) 
   Kitab Al-Mim 
Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā 
Ishari (Vectorial) Dipole: Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā  
Magnetotactic bacteria: Ishara, A Vector Pointing
   Ishara: Vector pointing at Qaddara 
   Ishara: Vector pointing at Fa-Hada 
   Ishara: Vector pointing at Fa-Sawwa
   Tashdid of Qaddara and Sawwa  
Three Glances of Insan Kamil (Perfected Eye) 
Coda: The Divine Fossil 

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Q: What is Ishāri (Vectorial) Tafsir (Exegesis)?
A: Sufis had adopted an indirect technique to elucidate the Divine Words free of direct verbal explanations, and its origin can be traced to Maryam Virgin Mother of Jesus peace be upon them both:

19:29. Fa (Therefore) She Ishārat (Pointed) at he  (the newborn father-less Prophet when was questioned about the baby).

 فَأَشَارَتْ إِلَيْهِ

Remark: Fa is used as a subsequent event caused by something earlier, something amazing happened to Mary, and the only action she could take to express anything about it was by pointing. Removal of Fa removes the entanglement with the past event and therefore lack of Ishara.

And again:

3:45 Behold! the angels said: "O Mary! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a Kalima (Word) from Hu: his name Christ Jesus, the son of Mary

 إِذْ قَالَتِ الْمَلَائِكَةُ يَا مَرْيَمُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُبَشِّرُكِ بِكَلِمَةٍ مِنْهُ اسْمُهُ الْمَسِيحُ عِيسَى ابْنُ مَرْيَمَ

Putting the two together: Mary pointed at the Divine Word without herself explaining anything, the act of pointing brought about the explanation, indirectly, from the Divine Source not from Mary.

If you see something perplexing and extraordinary in the sky, you hurriedly point at it and at most you might utter: Look! or That! or There! While, at loss with words, your hand and pointing-finger stretches towards the fascinating object. The latter is the nature of Ishāri (Vectorial) Tafsir (Exegesis).

In absence of such gripping astonishment there is no ‘pointing’ and thus no Ishāri (Vectorial) Tafsir (Exegesis)!

Remark: As a physicist or engineer writes equations and numbers that express the structure of the world we live in, the breathing processes and the sounds/phonemes of our speech can also be used to describe the nature of the universe and its creation! The former is ‘equational’ while the latter is homomorphic i.e. like an acoustic projection rendering same-ness of structures free of equations. 


Hissing sound indicating a larger volume of air forcing its way out of a narrow perforation; endued with the Haraka (Oral Motion) of Fat-ha (‘a’ sound as in cat) the minimal motions of mouth and throat tissues, indicating the actuality of occurrence in deep past; magnificently large entity with infinitly many dimensions through a narrow passageway, from there to here, from the Malakut (Spiritual Realm) to Mulk (Corporeal Realm); 

Tashdid for Blockage-Release, a primordial gate, store-forward process allowing for synchronicity (Ittihad) of otherwise asynchronous universes, transferring entities, from one stage of Wujud (Being) to another, from Malakut (Spiritual Realm) to Mulk (Corporeal Realm); gateway for all emanations, beginning for all commencements, storage for all that is beautiful; Tashdid indicates an incredible power source behind the operations of Ba (‘b’ sound in Arabic); endued with the Haraka (Oral Motion) of Kasra (‘i’ sound as in ‘birth’) thus indicting mid-level complexities of potentialities vs. actualities, a mid-point rest-area between Qidam (Space of all actualities, deep infinite past) and Muhdath (Here this temporal transient universe).   

Hi: Spray, Sprinkle
Guttural exhalation, sophisticated application of thoracic nerves and muscles (chest and diaphragm), indicating an atmospheric aerial (or fluid like effusion) full and continuous release from the deep within to the outer-most region of the mouth; combined with the Sa and B-Bi, it renders a spray or sprinkle of some sort as was phrased by the Prophet (Tafsir Haqqi):

 كما فى حواشى ابن الشيخ، يقول الفقير لاحاجة الى اعتبار التشبيه البليغ فان النور من الاسماء الحسنى واطلاقه على الله حقيقى لامجازى فهو بمعنى المنور ههنا فان تعالى نور الماهيات المعدومة بانوار الوجود واظهارها من كتم العدم بفيض الجود كما قال عليه السلام " ان الله خلق الخلق فى ظلمة ثم رش عليهم من نوره " فخلق ههنا بمعنى التقدير فان التقدير سابق على الايجاد ورش النور كناية عن افاضة الوجود على الممكنات والممكن يوصف بالظلمة فانه يتنور بالوجود فتنويره اظهاره،

Isma: Isdār Al-Awwal (Primordial Emanation)

Primordial Emanation

Tafsir Mulla Sadra
Isma (Name of ) is the Isdār Al-Awwal (Primordial Emanation) a creature dispatched prior to formation of all creation, without which no knowledge, thought or mention of Allah is possible, A Divine Command completely independent in its existence and free of any influence from external source, dissimilar to any other entity in existence:

 تفسير تفسير صدر المتألهين/ صدر المتألهين الشيرازي (ت 1059 هـ)
وذلك لأنّ الصادر الأوّل عن الحقّ سبحانه، يجب أن يكون أمراً واحداً بالفعل، مستقلاّ في الوجود والتأثير. وغير الجوهر العقلي لا يكون كذلك لانتفاء الوحدة من الجسم، والفعليّة من الهيولى، واستقلال الوجود عن الصورة والعرض والتأثير من النفس.
ويؤيّده ما ذكرناه قوله سبحانه:
{ تَبَارَكَ ٱسْمُ رَبِّكَ ذِي ٱلْجَلاَلِ وَٱلإِكْرَامِ }
[الرحمن:78] لأنّ وصف الشيء بذلك يدلّ على أنّه عاقل لذاته.

Remark: Ism-a (Name of)  is comprised of Alif+Sin+Min+Fat-ha

Alphabet representing the Divine Dhat (Essence), the source and origin of all entities spiritual or corporeal, beyond any approach, searchless and yet ubiquitous; the first letter of Arabic alphabet.

Sanā indirect flash of light, its source out of sight, shone from above; a spectral trek allowing for seeker's backtracking to its source, its spectroscopy forms unnumbered many languages.


Kitab Al-Mim
Ibn Arabi

Mim is actually Adam and Muhammad, peace be upon both, and the Ya (y letter in Arabic, sounding as eee) between them is the cause for their mutual linkage, because of the placement of Harf (Divine Alphabet) Illat (Same as Madd prolonged letter usually eeee or oooo or aaaa sound). (Dara: M sound can be prolonged either through nasalization or addition of stretched eeee between the two ‘M’ sounds i.e. Meeee….eeeeM) This prolonged letter or phoneme allowed Muhammad to act upon Adam (from a distance in time and place and across universes, free of causality) a Spiritual Action, as said by the Prophet: I was a Nabi (Informer) while Adam was still between the water and mud. Conversely Adam acted upon Muhammad a corporeal action (causal action), again by mediation of the agency of Ya (y letter in Arabic, sounding as eee) (i.e. through the genomic and biological processes on this planet.)

الميم و الواو و النون i
من مجموعة رسائل
الشيخ محيى الدين بن عربي
وأما الميم فهو لآدم ومحمد عليهما الصلاة والسلام والياء بينهما سبب الوصلة لهما فإنه حرف علة فعمل محمد عليه الصلاة والسلام في آدم بالياء عملا روحانيا من هذا العمل كانت روحانيته وروحانية كل مدبر في الكون من النفس الكلية إلى آخر موجود وهو الروح الإنساني قال صلى الله عليه وسلم (كنت نبيا وآدم بين الماء والطين) وعمل آدم في محمد عليهما السلام بواسطة الياء عملا جسمانيا من هذا العمل كانت جسمانية كل إنسان في العالم وجسمانية سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم فآدم أبو محمد وأبونا وأبو عيسى في الجسمية ومحمد أبو آدم وأبونا وجد عيسى في الروحانية.

Q: Did Ibn Arabi made this up or there was some evidence for it?
A: The Prophet said: When Allah created Adam made him see the virtues of some of his off-springs (and while he was browsing) he saw a radiant light all the way from the back so he asked: O my Lord who is that? And Allah replied: That is your son Admad, he is the Al-Awwal (The first) and he is Al-Akhir (The Last)

كنز العمال- للمتقي الهندي
المجلد الحادي عشر >> تتمة الإكمال من فضائل متفرقة تنبيء عن التحدث بالنعم
32056- لما خلق الله عز وجل آدم خبره (خبره: إذا بلاه، واختبره، وبابه نصر. المختار (129) ب) ببنيه فجعل يرى فضائل بعضهم على بعض فرأى نورا ساطعا في أسفلهم فقال: يا رب! من هذا؟ قال: هذا ابنك أحمد، هو الأول وهو الآخر، وهو أول شافع وأول مشفع.
(ابن عساكر - عن أبي هريرة)

Dara: Until less than 100 years ago we had no idea how human beings are linked to each other, now through the molecular science of Genome we all know and very well know how people are linked in past and in future. Mim is the prolonged phoneme/letter that links the first and the last Prophet, both spiritually and genomically, Muhammad was a Nabi (Informer) informing through the radiation of Nur-Muhammadi, a peculiar form of Nur (Divine Light), from extremely close sanctified nearness which in this Surah we hear as Sabbihi. In return Adam acts upon Muhammad in a molecular causal fashion i.e. via his genome and thus the two form a close loop or a circle.

Fat-ha: Beloved’s Infinitely Ancient Phoneme, a coded echo emanated  from deep past.

Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā 

Rabb is a Divine Master and Governor, diligent administrator of multiverse, and in all it is a spiritual attribute. On the contrary the ‘A’la or lofty is a spatial or geometric attribute i.e. corporeal.

The two attributes form a dipole, we might imagine them as a magnet bar, two opposites that attract all else. One pole is spiritual and the other pole, the opposite so to say, corporeal. Human being has no ability to understand one without the other, in this bio-psychological configuration:  

Ibn Arabi
Fass Nuhiya
“And he who understood the quantal linkage between Tanzih (Cleansing from similitude) and Tashbih (Simile)—since this is impossible to achieve via Tafsil (Knowledge that is endued with subparts and repeatable detailed-ness)—indeed become cognizant of Allah in a quantal fashion, not in any form of Tafsil, as he is cognizant of his own Nafs (Self) in a quantal way not in a Tafsil way.”

Ka: You

Rabbi-Ka (Your Lord) also has two poles:

1.    Corporeal Pole: Muhammad peace be upon him is in bio-psychological form and is ordered to sanctified the Divine Presence
2.    Spiritual Pole: Muhammad is in Nur or light-form, has no Wujud (Being-ness), is not a created concreted entity; and in this light-form he is able to be very close to Allah avoiding the charring of the Subuhat (Flaring Veils); in this configuration, called Nur-Muhammadi, he is still a Nabi (Informer) informing about the Divine Presence in the other universe i.e. some of us are exposed to Nur-Muhammadi from that spiritual configuration

Therefore this Nur-Muhammadi is a primordial (optical) echo, from bygone time/events in infinite past, a source of exotic knowledge(s) both learnable and un-learnt, and the only survivor of that exterem proximity to Divine Presence is the Harf (Divine Alphabet) Ka (k sound) or the personal pronoun ‘you’ which is the only entity that survived the flares of Subuhat (Flaring Veils), resplendent with extraordinary forms of knowledge.  

Ishari (Vectorial) Dipole: Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā

A magnet points at the structure of the Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā (Your Lofty Lord); it has two poles, one spiritual Rabb (Lord) and the other corporeal or spatial ‘A’lā (Lofty) and what separates the two is Ka (You, Yours); the magnetic field-lines are the Ism (Identifier) which are passageways for spiritual voyage, spectral and lingual in nature; travel along such field-lines of Ism are the only the possible ways to voyage spiritually in this corporeal universe; along these field-lines of Ism there are Ishara or vectors that point a direction from Rabb or the spiritual pole to ‘A’lā or the corporeal; looking along these vectors, like looking along an arrow, Al-Ladhi (That Which) allows a connection between the Malakut (Spiritual Realm) and Mulk (Corporeal Realm), from there to here, to see vis-à-vis Insan Kamil (Perfected Eye) e.g. Allah Created, Measured to form, guided and sprouted the greenery.

Ka (You, Yours) is the prehension (Idrak) that allows for the ‘feeling’ of a spiritual presence in a spatial corporeal realm.  If this Ka was not there, then no such feeling of a Divine Presence is possible.

Tafsir Mulla Sadra
With regards to Sabbihi (Do Sanctify),it is not the imperative grammar that is meant by colloquial use, but the real intention behind such verbiage is acquisition of ‘Ilm (Divine Knowledge) and Ma’rifa (Unlearnt Knowledge free of learning with no opposite ignorance), by sanctifying Hu away from all that which is faulty subject to probabilities or any other corporeal or physiological attributes.

 تفسير تفسير صدر المتألهين/ صدر المتألهين الشيرازي (ت 1059 هـ)
{ سَبِّحِ ٱسْمَ رَبِّكَ ٱلأَعْلَىٰ } * { ٱلَّذِي خَلَقَ فَسَوَّىٰ } * { وَٱلَّذِي قَدَّرَ فَهَدَىٰ }

ليس المراد من صيغة الأمر في مثل " سبِّح " و " أحمد " " واشكُر " و " اذكُر " بحسب الوضع العرفي، مجرّد التلفّظ بما يدلّ على وقوع معناه الحِدثي، بل المراد إيقاع معانيها وإدخالها في الوجود بوجه يتأتى من المخاطب المأمور، وكذلك ليس المطلوب في لفظ " سبِّح " هنا مجرّد قولك " سبحان ربّي الأعلى " ، ولا في آخر الواقعة مجرّد قولك " سبحان ربّي العظيم " فقط، نظراً إلى ظاهر ما روي في الحديث: انّه " لمّا نزلت: { فَسَبِّحْ بِٱسْمِ رَبِّكَ ٱلْعَظِيمِ } [الواقعة:74] قال رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم): إجعلوها في ركوعكم، فلمّا نزلت: { سَبِّحِ ٱسْمَ رَبِّكَ ٱلأَعْلَىٰ } - قال: اجعلوها في سجودكم " وكانوا يقولون في الركوع " اللهم لك ركعت " وفي السجود: " اللهمّ لك سجدت ". بل المقصود الأصلي منه تحصيل العلم والمعرفة بتنزيهه تعالى عمّا لا يصحّ فيه من النقائص الإمكانيّة، وتقديسه عمّا لا يجوز له من المثالب الجسمانيّة، وكل ما يوجب ثلما لوحدانيّته الحقّة، ويلزم نقصاً على وجوب وجوده من التكثّر والتغيّر والتجسّم والتصرّم وساير مذاهب الجاهليّة في ذاته أو في صفاته، والإلحاد في عظمة اسمائه وحيثيّاته، كالجبر والتشبيه والسفه والتعطيل الناشية من قصور أو خلل أو فساد في البصيرة الباطنيّة كحَوَل الفلاسفة، وَعَوَر المعتزلة، وَعَمَه الأشاعرة، وكَمهَ الحنابلة، ونحو ذلك، مثل أن يفسّر " الأعلى " في هذه الآية بمعنى الارتفاع عن درجة الإمكان، والعلوّ عمّا تصل إليه العقول والأذهان بقوّة الدليل والبرهان، لا بمعنى العلوّ في المكان، والإستواء على العرش حقيقة.

Magnetotactic bacteria:
Ishara, A Vector Pointing

The words above can be interpreted as such in this treatise, or you might have your own ideas, or borrow from someone else’s, and that seems to be the outer boundary of the Tafsir (Exegesis) of the Qur’an.

There is another form of cognizance to elucidate the meanings, as Mary pointed at the newborn, wordless we might find another entity to point like vector at these Divine Words.

And when I invoked the Name Allah to send me such knowledge, Hu sent a silent ancient servant, a powerful member of the Divine Militia of Rabbi-Ka, thirty years before my request, to make Ishara to act as a vector pointing at the Divine Words above:

Richard B. Frankel and Dennis A. Bazylinski 
Aquatic, motile bacteria that orient and migrate along geomagnetic field lines, known as magnetotactic bacteria, were discovered three decades ago by Richard P. Blakemore, then a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Magnetotactic bacteria are ubiquitous in aquatic habitats, including deep-ocean sediments. They generally inhabit chemically stratified water columns or sediments at or below the microaerobic redox transition zone between aerobic upper waters and lower, anaerobic regions.

The Phenomenon of Magnetotaxis and Consistency of Bacterial Magnetosomes

The term magnetotaxis is somewhat of a misnomer because magnetotactic cells swim neither towards nor away from a magnetic field. Instead, they orient along and swim parallel or antiparallel to such fields. When observed with light microscopy in water drops, cells of each magnetotactic species or strain display either two-way or one-way swimming behavior along the local magnetic field. They do not exhibit “run-and-tumble” motility typified by cells of Escherichia coli.

Q: Why there are magnets within the bacteria?
A: Fa-Hadā: “Consequently (Hu) Guided” i.e. The magnetosomes act like a vector pointing or making Ishara at the Divine Words ‘Fa-Hadā’, as the magnetic field of these magnetic particles within this servant i.e. Allah GUIDED (Hadā) trillions of them for billions of years along the magnetic lines of the earth’s dipole, and each such guidance pointed at the ‘Fa-Hadā’(guided), as did Maryam’s hand towards the Divine Word which was objectified into a newborn baby.

R. E. Dunin-Borkowski1, M. Pósfai, T. Kasama
Magnetotactic bacteria migrate along geomagnetic field lines as a result of the presence of intracellular mineral grains of magnetite (Fe3O4) or greigite (Fe3S4). The ferrimagnetic crystals are typically between 20 and 200 nm in size.

There can be no Fa-Hadā except by Qaddara:

Dirk Schuler

Qadar means, amongst many meanings, to configure prepare train adjust accommodate shape or form an object.
لسان العرب  ابن منظور 
وتَقَدَّر له الشيءُ أَي تهيأَ. وفي حديث الاستخارة: فاقْدُرْه لي ويَسِّرْه عليّ أَي اقض لي به وهيئه. وقَدَرْتُ الشيء أَي هيأْته.

مفردات ألفاظ القرآن. - للأصفهاني
كتاب الهاء
-الهيئة: الحالة التي يكون عليها الشيء؛ محسوسة كانت أو معقولة، لكن في المحسوس أكثر. قال تعالى: {أني أخلق لكم من الطين كهيئة الطير} <آل عمران/49>،

In this particular verse Qaddara means every living entity given a configuration or form or state and is guided accordingly, whether by volition or without, or it is being trained and taught.

مفردات ألفاظ القرآن. - للأصفهاني
كتاب القاف
 وقوله: {والذي قدر فهدى} <الأعلى/3>، أي: أعطى كل شيء ما فيه مصلحته، وهداه لما فيه خلاصة؛ إما بالتسخير؛ وإما بالتعليم كما قال: {أعطى كل شيء خلقه ثم هدى} <طه/50

In the case of these bacteria its vesicles are formed and shaped and configured to collect iron crystals.

Biomineralization of iron crystals within the organic living compounds of the bacteria points (Ishara) like a vector towards the Divine Verb of Qaddara:

Q: Why Allah created life?
A: As the proof for Allah's creative mastery and it be observable by human senses and intellect:

Sawwā means ‘engineered to be observable in most perfected and complete fashion'. When the Angel appeared to Mary the verb Sawwa was used since the angels are unobservable to human senses, but this one was made Sawwa i.e. observable and complete and perfect human form:

19:17  Then We sent her our angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects (Sawiyyan).

 فَأَرْسَلْنَا إِلَيْهَا رُوحَنَا فَتَمَثَّلَ لَهَا بَشَرًا سَوِيًّا

لسان العرب  ابن منظور 
الليث: الاسْتِواءُ فِعْلٌ لازِمٌ من قولك سَوَّيْتُه فاسْتَوى. وقال أَبو الهيثم: العرب تقول استوى الشيءُ مع كذا وكذا وبكذا إلا قولَهم للغلامِ إذا تَمَّ شَبابُه قد اسْتَوى.قال: ويقال اسْتَوى الماءُ والخَشَبةَ أَي مع الخَشَبةِ، الواوُ بمعنى مَعْ ههنا.
ويقال:ساوَيْتُ هذا بذاكَ إذا رَفَعْته حتى بلَغ قَدْره ومَبْلَغه. وقال الله عزَّ وجل: حتى إذا ساوى بينَ الصَّدَفَيْنِ؛ أَي سَوَّى بينهما حين رفَع السَّدَّ بينَهُما. ويقال: ساوى الشيءُ الشيءَ إذا عادَلَه. وساوَيْتُ بينَ الشَّيْئَيْنِ إذا عَدَّلْتَ بينَهما وسَوَّيْت.
 واسْتَوى من إعوِجاجٍ. وقوله تعالى:بَشَراً سَوِيّاً، وقال: ثلاثَ ليالٍ سَوِيّاً؛ قال الزجاج: لما قال زكريّا لربّه اجعَلْ لي آيةً أَي علامَةً أَعلم بها وقوعَ ما بُشِّرْتُ به قال: آيَتُكَ أَن لا تكلِّمَ الناسَ ثلاث ليالٍ سَوِيّاً؛ أَي تُمْنَع الكلامُ وأَنت سَوِيٌّ لا أَخرسُ فتعلَم بذلك أَن الله قد وهبَ لك الوَلدَ، قال: وسَوِيّاً منصوبٌ على الحالِ، قال: وأَما قوله تعالى: فأَرْسَلْنا إليها روحَنا فتمثَّل لها بَشَراً سَوِيّاً؛ يعني جبريلَ تمثَّل لمرْيمَ وهي في غُرْفةٍ مُغْلَقٍ بابُها عليها محجوبةٌ عن الخَلْقِ فتمثَّل لها في صورة خَلْقِ بَشَرٍ سَويٍّ، فقالت له: إني أَعوذُ بالرَّحْمن منك إن كنت تَقِيّاً؛ قال أَبو الهيثم: السَّوِيُّ فَعيلٌ في معنى مُفْتَعلٍ أَي مُسْتَوٍ، قال: والمُستَوي التامُّ في كلام العرب الذي قد بلغ الغاية في شبابِه وتمامِ خَلْقِه وعقلِه.

Truncated Magnetosomes free of magnetic anomalies, like a vector, point at the Divine Word Fa-Sawwa, point at the perfection of engineering to become an entity fully functional with completeness of purpose while navigated and guided.

Q: Who did Sawwa (Perfected Engineering) by truncating the edges of the Magentosomes?
A: Hu truncated the edges of the Magnetosomes, and the latter points like a vector to the word Fa-Hada


Tashdid of Qaddra and Sawwa indicate repeatition in the processes of creation of life and its consequent process of becoming both observable and perfected and completed. The cell subdivision to create a duplicate of the bacteria is an Ishara (Vector) pointing at the Tashdid of Qaddara and Sawwa:

Three Glances of Insan Kamil (Perfected Eye)

87:2. Al-Ladhi (That Which, Connector) Khalaqa (Created) Fa (Therefore, for the purpose of) Sawwa (Perfected the engineering to become observable)

 الَّذِي خَلَقَ فَسَوَّى

Truncation of the edges of the magnetic crystals in the bacteria points like a vector to Khalaq Fa-Sawwa.

87:3. Wa (And) Al-Ladhi (That Which, Connector) Qaddara (Configured, Shaped, Constrained) Fa (Therefore, for the purpose of) Hada (Guide, to be guided, so it was made to navigate)

 وَالَّذِي قَدَّرَ فَهَدَى

Biomineralization of Iron crystals into the vesicles (pockets) of the bacteria points like a vector to Qaddara Fa-Hada.

87:4. Wa (And) Al-Ladhi (That Which, Connector) sprouted the vegetation, 5. Fa (Therefore, for the purpose of) Hu made it black rubbish

وَالَّذِي أَخْرَجَ الْمَرْعَى
 فَجَعَلَهُ غُثَاءً أَحْوَى

These three Al-Ladhi (That Which, Connector) connect the Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā (Loft Lord of Yours) to the ontology of being and becoming and the related engineering. Like a bridge or connector that connects another universe to this one here, or better like an optical bridge or you might say like a telescope that optically connects the Insan (Eye) to the ontological history of Being on this planet.

Sprouting of the vegetation on the crust of the planet and the oxidization under the earth's crust point like a vector at verses 4-5.

Remark: 87:4-5 have two Madd (Prolonged Expirations) one in each verse i.e. in 4 Al-Ladhi is pronounced Al-Ladhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii matched by in 5 Ghuthāāāāāāāāāāāāāā'an ‘Ahwā. These prolonging expirations of the air from the lungs are equivalent to two super long glances of Insan Kamil (Perfected Eye) one for the millions of years of vegetation growth and the other for the matched millions of years of oxidization. The ‘black rubbish’ was not known to the Arab, since when the vegetation dies it does not turn black it turns yellow to brown, it only becomes black and only under the earth when it oxidizes and in this case for millions of years into the top soil and organic byproducts e.g. crude oil, coal and top-soil.

Coda: The Divine Fossil

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Crude oil, natural gas, coal and top-soil (Ghuthāāāāāāāāāāāāāā’an ‘Ahwā) serve as relics of distant past association of organic materials with living organisms, or these organic fossils serve as a vector pointing to a far distant (in time) living being.

Consequently the magnetic crystals within the bacteria serve as a vector pointing at the close proximity to the Divine Presence Hu engineered them into a perfect configuration and shape. Just as the layers of the magnetic crystals in lakes and other sediments serve as an arrow in time to record the passage of time, the magnetic crystals within the living bacteria serve as an arrow in time, pointing backwards towards the infinite past i.e. Qidam, pointing at the Rabbi Ka Al-‘A’lā (Loft Lord of Yours).

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