Fakhreddin Ibrahim Hamedani a.k.a Araqi was a child prodigy Sufi poet. He lived in 1200s.

Glittering Love Lessons:

Introduction by Araqi
Lesson 1: The Mirrors
Lesson 2: Sultan of Love
Lesson 3: The Reflection
Lesson 4: Self Love
Lesson 5: Infinite Faces?
Lesson 6: The End
Lesson 7: Who do you really love?
Lesson 8: Facing the Face
Lesson 9: Reflecting Vessel
Lesson 10: Ambiguity  
Lesson 11: Crystal Colors  
Lesson 12: Serene Chambers    
Lesson 13: Seventy Thousand Hijabs      
Lesson 14: The Halving of A Circle                    
Lesson 15: Along the Shadow
Lesson: 16: Beyond The Darkness    
Lesson 17: Driking Sea Water
Lesson 18: When The Consciousness Danced   
Lesson 19: What is within your heart?   
Lesson 20: The Pauper     
Lesson 21: A Face Within Everything!  
Lesson 22: The Glass Cage   

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