Millions upon millions
Serpents hatched of sins of others
Infest the orchards

Underneath …

Caribbean mother
Giving birth
To a child
Wearing her noble skin

Of piety …
Of righteousness …

Her heavenly brown skin
The only Armour
Warding against the
Sinful bites

Sins she did not commit
Of serpents …
Hatched of sins of others

Her full lips
The only antidote
Fluttering in ocean breeze
Of Allah’s words

Her gaze upon
Forbidden wealth of others
Desiring none for her
All for her child

Born underneath …

The infested orchards
Of sins of others
Where she bestows
Upon her newborn
The pious garment...
Of her brown skin


These poems are self-portraits of who I am. And the black woman is my mirror to look upon and behold myself as I am.
While other poets look into the mountain peeks, forests or oceans for answers/imagery , I looked into her skin.
These poems are FOUND when my words have ended and my desire for life has extinguished.

Dara Shayda                     July 2002

Sunset       I Am      Child-like Hands      Un-shattered Mirror      Quilt    

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You & I 


© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda